If you live in Vancouver, BC, and are dealing with the frustration of having your disability benefits denied, it’s crucial to seek professional advice as soon as possible. Dealing with disability cases involving insurance companies can be overwhelming and exhausting without proper representation. Our experienced team of Canadian disability lawyers is here to support you throughout this process and maximize your chances of receiving the disability benefits you deserve.

Vancouver, known for its beautiful coastline and diverse culture, is also home to one of the fastest growing tech hubs globally, bringing new economic opportunities but also posing various challenges to the city’s infrastructure and working conditions. As urbanization continues at a breakneck pace, so too do workplace hazards. We see a high volume of claims related to musculoskeletal issues from physically demanding jobs, mental health struggles due to unregulated gig economy hours, and even food poisoning cases linked to the booming culinary industry. No matter your situation, rest assured we will fight for justice with every tool at our disposal – backed by recent relevant caselaw such as:

  • Brito v ICBC (2019): This landmark BC Supreme Court decision clarifies the standard required to establish disability for Total Temporary Disability under Section 86 of the Insurance Vehicle Act, ensuring fairness towards accident victims. With our deep understanding of the latest courtroom trends, expect nothing less than vigorous battling on behalf of clients seeking the rightful payment they merit.
  • Lallo v Rizzi et al (2015): The BC Court of Appeal upheld the trial judge’s conclusion that multiple defendants breached their respective duties of care resulting in plaintiff’s chronic pain syndrome. This successful multi-party proceeding emphasizes our capacity to manage intricate scenarios spanning many parties, bolstered by strong collaboration between colleagues and experts nationwide. Your fight remains at the core of everything we do.
  • We draw upon notable precedents such as Khangura v Argo Managing Agency & others [2020] BCHRT 147, where an applicant successfully demonstrated her depression constituted a physical disability entailing substantial restrictions necessitating accommodation. By examining applicable legislation like Human Rights Code 13(2), tribunal assessments can determine if discrimination has taken place or appropriate modifications must be incorporated into existing policies, practices, or structures. 

Are you facing the devastating consequences of denied long-term disability benefits? Do you feel lost amidst bureaucratic mazes set up by insurers or employer-funded plans? Seek justice now by partnering with premier advocates who’ve spent years mastering strategies across Canada. Don’t just depend on public resources providing generic guidance; entrust skilled advisors with real experience resolving tricky matters like yours. Contact us today.