Defective Products

Have you had a personal injury due to a defective product? Contact our disability lawyers today.

Unfortunately, thousands are seriously injured or killed each year by defective and dangerous products; many of these injuries and deaths could have been avoided.

Defective products can include anything. Most cases brought to personal injury lawyers include:

  • Auto-related products (defective airbags, tires, seat belt failure etc.)
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Improper design and safety control of consumer products (dangerous toys, cribs, car seats, e-cigarettes, teflon products, cell phones etc.)
  • Prescription drugs (ex. causing significant harm due to improper composition/adverse effects. An example of a recent claim is one filed against a commercial maker of ZOFRAN, linking to birth defects)
  • Medical devices (Medtronic Pacemaker, Balloon Catheters, Transvaginal Mesh etc.)

It is most often the irresponsibility of companies that lead to defective product related injury or wrongful death. TSF Law is here to defend your right to safety, defend innocent victims and retrieve any losses (medical, financial, psychological, social etc.) they may endure, short and long term.
If you or a loved one have fallen victim to a defective product, manufacturers are liable for settlement. Contact TSF Law today: /contact-us/