Denied Insurance Claim Lawyer: Ontario Insurance Lawyer, Brampton

Toronto lawyers for denied insurance claims, insurance appeal, ltd benefits & disability denial. Settlement and lump sum disability payout negotiators.

Years of Experience. Millions in Settlements.

TSF Law has years of experience dealing & negotiating with insurance companies in order to recover insurance appeal claims & denied disability payouts.

In many cases, we’ve recovered six-figure settlements for denied insurance appeals and insurance claims. If you’re looking for a disability lawyer, we can offer a free consultation – and come to you in case you need to be accommodated.

Insurance Complaints: Appeals Process

If you have a complaint against an insurance company in Ontario, we can help with your ltd benefits appeal or disability claim. Rather than going through lengthy appeals process or leaving the Ontario ombudsman to take on your case as a not-for-profit venture, TSF Law exists strictly to maximize the profit and payout you and the firm gains from a denied disability claim.

Insurance claims can take years to come to fruition, and in many cases can extend past term limits. Don’t waste your time moving through three stages (yes, that is usually mandatory) and appearing in front of a tribunal before the possibility of a settlement.

Insurance Denial Experience

Since TSF has lengthy insurance denial experience, we’re able to rapidly assess the amount of monies your claim should settle for. Our calculations can quickly give a good idea of the benefits you deserve for a long-term disability case.

Insurance Dispute? Contact Us Today

If you have an insurance dispute, or a claim against your insurance company and are looking for a denied insurance claim lawyer, call TSF Law today. We’re always there for you.