Insurance Complaint in Ontario? Ombudsman vs. LTD Appeal Lawyer

Insurance complaints? Insurance benefits appeals take time. Hire an insurance lawyer for a denied claim or ltd benefits appeal. Call (905) 218-3668 today.

Insurance Complains: What to Do

Do you have a complaint against your insurance company? TSF Law can help with your denied claim or appeal, in case your LTD benefits are denied.

In case you need to appeal your LTD denial, you may need to work through a three-step appeals process, work through a tribunal decision, then appeal to an ombudsman before appearing in court. This process can take anywhere from a few months to a few years.

An insurance claim lawyer can help negotiate a settlement & effectively skirt the lengthy appeals process. We help achieve maximum settlement allowances & large disability lump sum payouts.

Contacting an Ombudsman

Before contacting an ombudsman, you should book a free consultation with an insurance claims lawyer. Most ombudsman services, in the case of an LTD appeal, will not necessarily be able to advise you from a pure-profit standpoint. An insurance claim lawyer, on the other hand, will work hard for the monies they claim against the insurance company, which can be built-in to the retainer or settlement amount.

If you choose to contact an ombudsman, the appeal process is as follows:

  • Consumer Assistance Officer assignment
  • Informal Consultation
  • Mediation

If this fails, senior adjudication may take place, in which you can consider legal action (which is why you may have wanted to hire a lawyer in the first place). This information was taken from

GIO Canada is a not-for-profit organization. As disability appeal lawyers, we work hard for our money – and make sure that you get yours. Contacting TSF Law today will give you peace of mind with regards to your insurance complaint and benefits appeal.