Long Term Disability Lawyer: What's in a Retainer? An Overview…

A lawyer's retainer means the scope of work and circumstances in which they will work with you. Essentially, it's a contract for the lawyer to work as your counsel.

Long Term Disability Lawyer Retainers

When a lawyer is retained by a client in a long term disability case, an insurance claim lawyer may deal with a benefits claim. At TSF Law, our retainer strictly defines the work we will do for you to manage your long term disability case. Since LTD cases can be overwhelmingly complex, it is best to make sure you understand the retainer your lawyer is presenting to you. We’ll walk you through terms of the retainer such that you will have an adequate knowledge to move forward with your claim and your health.

Scope & Changes to Long Term Disability Lawyer’s Retainers

Since some retainers may not be in writing, we encourage you to record every intimate detail about your lawyer’s scope of work if this is not the case. A professional will usually outline his or her retainer in a document such that you have a physical copy. Each change to such a retainer should also be documented, such that if a long term disability lawyer‘s case becomes more complex and falls outside of the scope of the initial disability insurance claim, accident benefits claim, or claim in general, it will be stated in writing and adhered to if included in a contract. For instance, if a lawyer is helping a client with a torn claim and accident benefits claim, the case may not adhere to a long term disability (LTD) claim with an insurer. Our lawyers will do our best to inform you about any misconceptions or misunderstandings – it is in the best of both yours and our interest to do so in order to create a positive, effective working relationship.

Long Term Disability Lawyer-Client Misunderstandings

There are many cases in which clients have misinterpreted the obligations of their disability claim lawyer. Thankfully, at TSF Law we will always do our best to help educate our potential clients and have them understand the implications of the retainer and scope of work. It is always best to inform yourself about the possible retainers such that you are not charged extra fees. Many firms in Toronto and the surrounding area have been accused of ‘double dipping’; charging extra fees that have been illegally placed in the retainer to maximize the client’s payment to the lawyer. Our contracts do not ‘double dip’ – in fact, the Law Society of Upper Canada has praised similar retainers as ‘one of the best [they’ve] seen’.

In all cases – whether it be personal injury, long term disability claims, benefits claims, or denied insurance claims, you should always read the and understand your retainer – we cannot stress this enough. It will help guide your communication throughout the process.

Long Term Disability Lawyers and Communication

Lawyers will always revisit your retainer where the scope of work will change, or when it is appropriate to do so. For instance, if you happen to bring new material to light in the case – perhaps a memory, or a new piece of information such as a printed report, the lawyer may revisit your retainer and change the scope in order to fit the most appropriate course of action. Sometimes your retainer or course of work may be expanded. In other cases, your lawyer may choose to limit their workload with you, if you agree. It is subject to the claim and events that take place.

Some lawyers will not be able to anticipate certain events that may occur during a long term disability claim. That’s why you have to be sure that you have a good one.

TSF Law: Toronto Long Term Disability Lawyers

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Avoid disability claim internal appeals. You do not have to go through the insurance appeal process before you can contact a disability claim lawyer.

Types of Disability Claims

There are many types of Disability Claims based on your insurance package, or lack of insurance package as a result of your employment terms. Here are a few.