Taxi Accident Rideshare Accident Uber Accident

Were you involved in an uber accident? Our lawyers can help. If your rideshare accident resulted in a disability claim, contact TSF Law.

Service drivers take customers to their destinations, ensuring that they will follow all traffic laws and road safety measures.If the vehicle you are traveling in is involved in a crash or an accident with a bicyclist or pedestrian, what do you do?

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle accidents are sudden and can be very traumatic. If the driver is responsible for the accident, the driver’s employer may also be held responsible for providing proper compensation to any injured party.
TSF Law team knows how to review the complicated policies of taxi/ridesharing companies and their insurance coverage. If driver’s are hired as private contractors, some of these policies are in limbo due to ongoing changes in ridesharing employment classification.
You may be entitled to compensation for any medical, economical or social loss as a result of your injury/ long term disability.
If you or a loved one has been injured in a Taxi, or involved in Ridesharing (ex. Uber, Lyft) accident, TSF Law urges you to contact us now: (905) 218-3668