Long Term Disability

Our LTD lawyers can provide large settlements for long term disability claims; providing you a healthy and positive future.

Disability insurance may be available to those who pay into a benefit plan or for those who are fortunate enough to have disability benefits through their employer. This includes long term disability benefits. These benefits are accessed when a person is unable to continue their employment as a result of an injury outside of work (and sometimes while at work).

TSF Law fights to ensure clients receive the long term disability benefits they are entitled to when they are hurt and unable to work.

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Credibility and Your Long-Term Disability Claim

How important is your credibility when you are receiving disability benefits from your short or long term provider disability benefits provider? Like most cases, credibility is extremely important in short-term disability and long-term disability claims.
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5 Steps to take when denied short/long term disability benefits

If you are fortunate enough to have access to a policy that provides you with income during a period in which you become unable to work congratulations. However, what happens when the provider of that
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Terio Francis of TSF Law firm has been by my side ever since he got my claim. His team is truly exceptional. I felt incredibly comfortable having my claim with them because I knew I was in good hands. They have been by my side, supporting and encouraging me when times were tough, taking personal calls when I needed answers. With me having very little knowledge about how everything worked with claims, Terio Francis always explained and educated me on things. Although this firm is new I can confidently say that TSF Law is the best personal injury law firm in the GTA. The process was quick, and stress-free. I will definitely recommend TSF Law services to my family, friends and coworkers. Outstanding work!

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TSF DISABILITY LAW is an excellent firm and it is not an overstatement.Terio has been very supportive , patient and transparent , going above and beyond my expectations.

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