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How to Sue Your Insurance Company

If your LTD has been denied by your insurance company, or your insurance company denied your claim, seek advice from a lawyer immediately. Insurance companies do not necessarily need to immediately pay your disability benefits… in fact, insurance companies’ business model is based on denying payouts or benefits where possible in order to maximize profit from insurance plans payees (our typical clients).

Can I Appeal Insurance Denial?

Most definitely – in fact, our firm encourages the appeal of insurance denial. Usually, there are three stages when appealing denied insurance claim, involving many ltd forms or appeal forms, investigations, management, and disability benefits claims. This act can culminate in a tribunal (which may favour the claimant), or, the claimant may appeal to an insurance ombudsman. This process can take anywhere from months to years. This is why we recommend a lawyer to help immediately claim your benefits by kick-starting the negotiation and settlement process.

We’ve seen thousands of disability claims and insurance disputes; enough to warrant the creation of a boutique law firm in Ontario specializing in denied insurance claims’ lawyers. We’ll help settle your case; fill our consultation form and have a free consult with our team today..

What are Insurance Lawyers?

Insurance lawyers, or insurance attorneys, help with negotiating settlements for disability, disability denial, insurance claim denial, and benefits appeals. In case you have an insurance dispute, you may file an insurance complaint to an ombudsman – but that may not help your case.

TSF Law help achieve maximum disability benefit payouts by negotiations and appeals processes with insurance companies. We seek the larges possible settlement for lump sums & ongoing disability benefits payouts.

Complaint Against Insurance Company?

Here are a list of insurance companies which TSF Law can help negotiate a reclamation of disability benefits for. Our firm handles anywhere from 5-figure to multi-million dollar cases in for our clients’ need to fight insurance denial. Get in touch with our team if you need to appeal an insurance dispute today.