Insurance Claim Appeal Denied? Sue ASAP: Disability Lawyers, ON

Appeal insurance claim denial with an insurance claim lawyer. Our long term disability dispute lawyers seek maximum payouts for denied disability benefits.

Insurance Claim Appeal Denial: Don’t Wait

In case you wanted to sue your insurance company for denying your insurance claim appeal, there are a few things to know.

  • There are time limits to file a lawsuit. Appeals can be dragged on in order to bring the case closer to expiry.
  • Ombudsman in Ontario: a not-for-profit entity. You’re going to want a lawyer that can help you in court, who is working for his pay.
  • Insurance claims are an intense beaurocratic process, and you probably don’t have much experience with them. A disability claim lawyer will know the worth of your case.
  • Your insurance company isn’t always working in your favour (remember, they are a for-profit business entity looking to protect shareholder value)
  • Your benefits CAN be denied without good reason.
  • Three appeals are regular for an administration. This process is usually followed by a tribunal, then an ombudsman, then the courts.
  • The time to appeal and retrieve your benefits can take anywhere from two months to two years (and more).

How to Appeal Insurance Claim Denial

First, you can write a letter to your insurance company requesting an appeal. You may opt to use a sample appeal letter, but this will not be specific to your case – and may not help. The appeal may go to the next ’round’ of another case manager taking a look at your claim.

We always recommend contacting a lawyer for a free consultation in case of your insurance claim denial. Your appeal can be looked over by one of our disability lawyers in case you have an insurance dispute. If your medical insurance was denied, we can also seek to maximize the settlement on your disability benefits for long term disabilities.

Long Term Disability Claim Appeals

Since you’re looking for immediate benefits, you should be aware of the interest that may be owing on your account. Do not discount this amount of money – settlements may run up to millions of dollars’ worth of funds, which you can request with your appeal.

Fight Health Insurance Denial

If your health insurance was denied, or your insurance was not approved, contact our insurance denial claim lawyers for a free consultation. We offer no-obligation consultations in case you are wondering if you have a claim.

As always, TSF Law seeks maximum settlement amounts for disability claims – lump sum payouts can also be negotiated. Remember, a lawyer will never ask for up-front fees if your case looks like it may win. We encourage you to look at our retainer page in case you are wondering about any fees.