COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 Long term Disability, insurance claim lawyer. Malpractice & Wrongful death; our legal team is your #1 choice for coronovirus legal support.

As of date, TSF Law continues to provide legal services and remains fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic has required many businesses to close their doors, TSF Law has implemented the proper health and safety protocols for staff to continue working in a safe and healthy environment via remote offices.

We will update this page regularly with any important information that may impact TSF Law operations; we strive to provide the best legal support for any long term disability (ltd) or short term disability disputes, and instance of malpractice, during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is our duty to make sure that citizens have full access to the proper legal supports during this time of quarantine – TSF lawyers is always here for you.

We at TSF Law understand how challenging this time is for our clients and their families, on top of experiencing a life-altering personal injury. If you are seeking legal advice, and wish to speak to a lawyer, click here or fill out an online intake form for quick and easy consultation. 

If you are searching for a lawyer who can provide you with legal advice pertaining to a COVID-19 related insurance claim, insurance dispute, or instance of malpractice or wrongful death – TSF Law is your #1 choice for legal support during this time. Our legal not only has the needed medical background to understand all case documents, but we are also highly trained to navigate all correspondence with insurance companies, given our thorough knowledge of the claims process as well as the offensive tactics insurance companies use to intimidate and wrongfully deny client’s claims.