Disability Claim Lawyers

Long Term Disability Lawyers are experienced in denied claims and long term disability claims. Don't settle with long term disability insurance denial.

Have you been injured in the workplace?

Does your disability benefits package cover your loss or accident? How do you know what to do in order to file a claim? Has your insurance company or workplace denied your LTD claim? Are you faced with bills and increasing debt? Our LTD Claim lawyers and Insurance Benefits / Disability Claim Lawyers in Ontario can help with your situation.

Our team at TSF Law are here to help you reclaim your Disability Insurance and get you back to a healthy status. If you’re disabled due to a workplace accident, we may be able to provide financial support, among other necessities.

About Disability Claim Lawyers

The staff at TSF Law has worked with a number of workplace victims who have been denied their claims. It’s important that you contact us in case your claim has been denied, or, if you are in need of a claim against your employer. Because of the many types of policies, there are certain methods of satisfying requirements that many people may not know – leading to potential problems with the application process. We can help align your claim so that it meets such requirements.
Insurance Policies are often up to the insurer to provide. Companies will usually try to dispute your claim. TSF Law can help you put an end to the mounting pressure from an Insurance Company.
If your application was denied, your benefits have been terminated or need legal advice on your long term disability claim, contact us today for your free consultation.

Our Team

Long Term Disability policies are create to protect employees from a loss of income in case of a workplace accident, illness, or injury.
TSF lawyers can help you with your claims process. If you are dealing with a Personal Injury Claim, call the experts at TSF Law.