Free Disability Lawyers' Consultation: What's the Cost?

At TSF Law (long term disability lawyers), our ontario disability lawyer team works on retainer - we can meet you for a free consultation.

Our Disability Lawyers are here to help you with a free consultation.

If you’re seeking a free disability lawyer, you may find difficulty. However, there are many reasons why you should work with a disability lawyer on retainer, or, disability lawyers who can provide you with insurance claims & LTD denial support on a no-win/no-fee policy.
Some disability lawyers choose to take money up-front. At TSF Law, we simply gauge the viability of your claim and make a choice whether or not we shall represent you. Most denied insurance claims may take years to come to fruition. We work with disability loan agencies and make sure you are in the right hands when looking for representation, or, financial assistance.

Disability Lawyers, Free Advice?

Any advice worth taking doesn’t always come for free. However, our Toronto disability lawyers can come to you in your time of need – in case you are not able or available to make the commute to our locations across ontario (disability lawyer consultation offices).
Our representation of clients ensures that we have a broad background & expertise in the law. We know that good, free advice is not easy to come by. That’s why we hear your account and can make an educated decision on how your claim should be examined – based on your experience, our experience, and our extensive knowledge of the law.

Denied LTD & Disability?

If you have been denied long term disability or have a disability insurance claim, or, you are seeking a disability buyout, we can help with your case. Our lawyers are here to make sure you’re supported in your time of need, and won’t double-dip or take any more than we are legally allowed to. It is not in our interest to make money off of YOU, rather, our income is generated from the claim from the insurance company such that you aren’t out-of-pocket. This model has worked for years and we will continue to stand by its effectiveness.

Free Consultation

If you’re looking for a free consultation, fill out our form on this page or Contact Us. We’re always there for you. Our offices are also open from 9-5, Monday to Friday. You may call us at (905) 218-3668 for more information or to speak directly to a disability lawyer.