Long Term Disability Claims Management: The Claims Process

Long term disability claims processes are difficult; ltd benefit appeals and disability insurance disputes may require an insurance claim lawyer. Call today.

Disability Management is a discipline that pertains to reducing an individuals’ impact on an employer.

If you are involved in an CPP appeal case, or, have been denied CPP disability benefits, we can help. Read more below.

Long Term Disability Management

In a workplace environment, disability managers will focus on your employers’ disability strategy. This may pertain to preventing disability, employees’ returning to work after an accident or injury, and providing accommodations to an employee or victim or a workplace accident. Unfortunately, this is subject to cost-benefit analysis from an employer. Do not take this personally, however, many businesses should have a better understanding of their holistic care and should be active entities in taking proactive care for their employees.

Focusing on Long Term Disability Management

The management of discrimination in the workplace towards disabled individuals is a sensitive topic, and there is legislation to support abuse such as harassment. Discrimination in the workplace can lead to long term mental health issues, workplace stress, psychological depression, and overall bad working conditions. If you, as an employee, have incurred a disability, you may be eligible to apply & access Canada Pension Plan benefits.
Discrimination at work can affect employee morale in a negative manner. It may affect other employees and broader community as well. Employers can be sued by an employee if their care for the employee has not been sufficient, or, the difference in treatment between a disabled individual and non-disabled individual is great (discrimination in the workplace).
Disability management may concern overall organizational health, the management of funds, employee benefit packages, and overall productivity. This is usually managed by a Human Resources Professional. If there is a reason to believe your employer has negatively approached this topic, contact a lawyer at TSF Law immediately: (905) 218-3668
Social and financial security, alleviating stress, and discrimination management is important to a disabled worker. While the (http://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/publicpensions/cpp/cpp-disability-benefit.html) application process may be lengthy, it is important that you approach this in a timely manner.

Many applications are denied upon the first review – do not give up even though you’ve been denied.

Long Term Disability Management: Conditions, Symptoms

Disability usually is synonymous with disease or disorder pertaining to a chronic medical condition, such as:

  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Psoriasis
  • Colitis and/or Crohn’s Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease

There are other states that may be classified as as a long term disability, such as physical disorders, cognitive disorders, or mental ailments. These items will affect an employee’s functioning abilities and should be heeded immediately. The management of these cases in the workplace will deal with the mitigation of problems arising from the disability’s effect on workplace tasks, how the symptoms are controlled, and treatment administered – inside or outside of the workplace environment.

Individual / Group Insurance Benefits Care

The care of an individual may be delegated to a personal support worker, group therapy, and other services offered in private or public. If you have reason to believe you are experiencing long-term disability, we will help find a strategy that is suited to your case. We may also recommend a mentoring approach that will give you peace-of-mind through peer support.
For more information, or, if there is a reason to believe your employer has negatively approached your long-term disability, or, has rejected a long-term disability claim on your part, contact a lawyer at TSF Law immediately: (905) 218-3668.