Manulife Complaints: Ombudsman, Appeals and Insurance Dispute

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Here is a comprehensive guide to Manulife Insurance Canada. You can find information on how to deal with:

  • Manulife injury complaints
  • Manulife personal injury
  • What to do if Manulife has denied my claim
  • How to handle long-term disability Manulife complaints
  • Direct access to one of the best long-term disability and Manulife insurance lawyers

By obtaining TSF lawyers as a legal asset, especially when handling a Manulife complaint, be sure that your claim is going to get the full, if not more coverage than you are entitled to.

Manulife Customer Service Center

It is Manulife’s pledge that they are committed to providing:

“high quality service and products…If customers have any questions or concerns about our products, services or representatives, we want to make sure that these concerns are handled fairly and efficiently.”

Manulife customer service advises the following steps for simple complaint resolution.

Be sure to contact your designated advisor at your designated Customer Service area call centre. Make sure to write down the Call # ID, the name of whom you are speaking with, as well as their employee ID. To find out which Manulife Customer Service area you are allocated to, as well as their contact information, go to the Manulife’s homepage.

Personal Injury & Manulife

If your initial concern is not resolved to your satisfaction, escalate the matter and ask to speak with a manager in that area. Continue to take note of whom you are talking with, what their employee ID is, as well as the Call # ID. This information is very important and can be a huge asset when fighting a Manulife denied claim.

Some Manulife customer service centre complaints revolve around long waits times, especially for those seeking help while abroad. One traveler, in need of a heart surgery in the U.S, explained that it was a “…Constant challenge trying to reach the [Manulife] insurance company agents.” Delayed and prolonged wait times are a huge nuisance and contribute to mental and physical stress during critical times. Many Manulife Insurance customers rely on their insurance as the next call, after EMS services, during personal injury. Having to be put on hold, and dealing with misdirected calls is undeserving and unwarranted. It only adds to pain and suffering, TSF Law is against this.

Manulife Complaints

Last fall, at the Scotiabank Financials Summit, Manulife Insurance Canada chief executive Roy Gori said that, “We need to become a much more customer-orientated organization and quite frankly the entire industry does. In many ways, if I’m absolutely honest, our industry is still in the dark ages.” Manulife has recognized that their customers no longer want to be flooded with paper work when applying for insurance, and seek for a more instant process. The manual amount of paper work ask customers to answer 120 questions (more or less). This is not congruent with today’s customers who use digital interfaces more and more to manage and buy their assets, an efficient and accessible process lacking in the insurance industry.

Manulife Denied My Claim

This frustration is further extended to people who try and reach Manulife Insurance for denied claims. There are numerous reports of policy holders being told that specific customer service email addresses are the only way to correspond in regards to certain claims; these same customers are are then greeted with zero replies from the insurance company. When calling the Manulife customer service centre, to try and seek guidance on this matter, they are then told they must email their complaints to the very same email addresses they were already trying to correspond with. As you can see, this can be a very frustrating reality that some are completely defeated by.

Is Manulife Insurance Good?

It is important that you understand all the terms of your Manulife insurance policy, as well as read through the insurance booklet provided to you by your employer, if you are receiving Manulife group benefits. If you have personal Manulife insurance, an insurance booklet should have been directly mailed to you upon obtaining Manulife insurance. If you do not have these materials, contact you closest Manulife customer service centre. Ask for a Manulife insurance agent to explain your policy terms and conditions, and take the time to ask any other questions you may have.

How an insurance provider handles their claims depends case to case, and on the agents and representatives involved. Unfortunately, the insurance world is known to being ruthless, by being “stingy” with following up on their word of coverage and benefits. Like all insurance companies, Manulife Insurance has been found to act in bad faith while dealing with many types of Manulife claims, including short-term disability claims, long-term disability claims, critical illness or injury disability claims, mental-illness disability claims, and life insurance claims. They also get away with illegal excuses for why claims are being denied, often because policy holders are unaware of their legal rights to their benefits and are discouraged to pursue the matter further.

Long Term Disability & Manulife

It is important to understand that if you are dealing with any Manulife illness complaints, Manulife personal injury claims, Manulife long-term disability claims, or if Manulife has denied your claim, you need to get in contact with a Manulife insurance lawyer. The most important thing to know when handling a Manulife complaint, without exception, are your legal rights. TSF Law works on a contingency fee basis and will be your legal asset in getting the full benefit coverage you are entitled to. We are here to rid you of any stress and make your health your priority, while we deal with the insurance company; contact us today.