Manulife Disability Claim Denied? Hire an Insurance Claim Lawyer.

Has Manulife Financial denied your disability claim? Appeal the insurance claim dispute; insurance claim lawyers are always there for you. Call today.

Long Term Disability claims that have not gone through the Manulife Financial disability claim denied Appeal System should be addressed immediately by contacting a lawyer who will go through this process for you.

Disability Claim Denial

Claim denial is not uncommon – which is why an Ombudsman has been appointed by the government of Ontario to help with Manulife claim denial. You may also, after three stages of appeal, decide to work with a tribunal in order to have your case resolved. There is always a possibility that you will continue to face insurance claim denial from Manulife.

If you have repeated problems with your insurance appeal from Manulife financial, we urge you to contact a disability claims lawyer. In case your term limits are nearing the case expiry, you may want to expedite your request for a free consultation with one of our insurance appeal lawyers.

Manulife Insurance Dispute

Disputing insurance benefits from Manulife Financial involves an insurance appeal to fight your denied claim. You will have to involve many parties (such as doctors, psychologists, friends, family, hospitals, etc.) in order to have your claim vetted by the appropriate persons. If these notices backing your claim are dismissed, you may need to contact a lawyer. There are many reasons why an insurance claim from Manulife will be appealed:

  • Missing doctors’ appointments
  • Not following claim protocol
  • Missing paperwork
  • Time limits expired
  • No account or record of events
  • Disputed claims from friends, family, or professionals

We have seen cases where psychologists must be involved in order to defend claimants – before testimony, cases have been settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Insurance Appeals, Tribunal… Court?

An insurance claim lawyer who can help with Manulife disability claims will be able to negotiate a large payment or settlement out of court with your insurance company in case of long term disability benefits disputes. Your fight with Manulife may lead to complaints, but ultimately, Manulife does not want bad press, or to lose a lawsuit in court. That’s why you must keep your claim between yourself, Manulife, and your lawyer in order to achieve the maximum possible settlement on your claim.

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