Newmarket, like many other places in Canada, has its fair share of workplace hazards that can result in disabilities. These hazards can include slips and falls, repetitive motion injuries, exposure to hazardous substances, and other accidents. In the event that a worker becomes disabled as a result of these hazards, they may be entitled to disability insurance benefits. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes deny these claims, leaving disabled workers without the support they need.

Recent Canadian disability rulings related to insurance appeals in Newmarket, Canada emphasize the importance of insurers providing clear and detailed explanations for claim denials and conducting thorough and impartial assessments of disability claims. In one such case, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled that an insurer’s denial of long-term disability benefits was unreasonable and contrary to the evidence, as the insurer relied on an inadequate investigation and failed to give proper weight to the medical evidence presented by the claimant.

This ruling highlights the need for insurers to conduct fair and thorough assessments of disability claims and to provide clear and detailed explanations for any claim denials. We stay up to date on the latest Canadian disability rulings and appeals processes to help our clients obtain the benefits they deserve. If you have been denied disability insurance coverage in Newmarket or elsewhere in Canada, our team of experienced disability insurance lawyers and advocates can provide guidance and support in navigating the appeals process and fighting for your rights.

One example of a Canadian court case where an insurance appeal was denied is the case of Katz et al v. Clarica Life Insurance Co. In this case, the claimant had a disability insurance policy with Clarica Life Insurance Co. and became disabled as a result of depression and anxiety. Despite medical evidence showing that the claimant was unable to work, Clarica denied the claim for disability benefits. The court ultimately ruled in favor of the insurance company, stating that the claimant had not provided sufficient evidence to support their claim.

This case highlights the importance of seeking legal representation when facing a denied disability insurance claim. At our law firm, we have experience representing clients in disability insurance appeals and can help ensure that your claim is properly supported by medical evidence and legal arguments. If you have been denied disability insurance benefits in Newmarket or the surrounding area, contact us today for a consultation to discuss your legal options.