As experienced Canadian disability lawyers, we are well aware of the dangers that workers in Temiskaming and other remote areas of Canada face on a daily basis. These dangers can include heavy physical labor, exposure to hazardous materials, extreme weather conditions, and other health and safety risks that can lead to serious injuries or illnesses.

Unfortunately, many workers in Temiskaming and other remote areas of Canada who are injured or become ill on the job may find that their disability insurance claims are denied. Insurance companies may argue that the injury or illness was not directly caused by the worker’s job or that it does not meet the criteria for disability benefits.

In some cases, insurance companies may also try to deny claims based on pre-existing conditions or by arguing that the injury or illness is not severe enough to warrant disability benefits.

There have been several Canadian court cases where insurance denial occurred, including the case of Barbour v. Great-West Life Assurance Company, where the court ruled that an insurance company had wrongfully denied disability benefits to an employee who had become ill due to toxic exposure at work.

In the case of Fidler v. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, the court found that an insurance company had acted in bad faith by denying disability benefits to an employee who had suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome.

When tragedies strike on the job, workers often rely on their employer’s insurance coverage to financially support themselves and their families until they can return to gainful employment. Unfortunately, insurers frequently contest or deny valid claims, forcing individuals to engage in costly litigation simply to access the benefits they paid for.

A prime example of this frustrating dynamic unfolded recently in Manitoba. After being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, a woman applied for long-term disability (LTD) benefits through her employer’s plan. Her insurance provider initially approved her claim but later reversed course, alleging she had misstated certain medical details on her application forms. Despite presenting compelling evidence refuting these charges, the insurer refused to budge, prompting the woman to take legal action against them. Thankfully, judges presiding over two separate trials ruled in favor of the plaintiff, ordering the insurer to cover her past LTD costs and future expenses going forward. This outcome underscores just how critical it is for disabled workers to seek professional assistance when confronting uncooperative insurance providers.

As disability lawyers, we are committed to helping workers in Temiskaming and throughout Canada fight for the disability benefits they deserve. We have a deep understanding of the complex legal and medical issues involved in disability insurance appeals, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the guidance and advocacy they need to successfully navigate the appeals process.