Insurance Claim Denied: Long Term Disability Dispute Lawyers

Maximize payout with a disability dispute lawyer. Our long term disability lawyers seek justice with claim denial, insurance appeal, and insurance disputes.

Was your Long Term Disability Claim Denied?

Our firm is here to help you with your long-term disability dispute. While you may feel the need to continue with the claims process, we encourage you to consult a lawyer first. We will gather any and all information you may need to assist in your healing process, but most of all, make sure you gain full access to the insurance benefits your are entitled to.

Do you have a Long Term Disability Dispute?

Most companies will offer benefits packages to their employees in order to prepare for any illness, injury, or accident that may happen to an employee. Disability Insurance should provide portions of income, medical apparatuses, medications, and other such costs that would otherwise fall upon the employee.
However, insurance companies tend to deny long term disability disputes because of a lack of information, unreasonable dismissive grounds, or poorly administered paperwork. During the internal review – the waiting period– companies will gather any and all information presented by the employer, doctors, nurses, and patients in order to verify the claim. This process usually takes about two weeks. After filing a disability claim, most people enter an insurance company’s review process. It is at the end of this review where you will be informed whether your claim has been accepted or denied.

Long Term Disability Dispute

Internal appeals are provided as a method of insurance companies for considering an alternate route of decision-making. Some cases can expect to see 4 dispute rounds, whereby an insurance company will need to gather extra information. This can become quite costly. Hiring a lawyer will help prepare yourself as a victim of this slow administrative process, and help you gain access to a platform that will support you during this time of need. Many people will fail in a self-guided attempt to fight a large bureaucracy in this regard.

Long Term Disability Lawyers

We suggest you hire a disability lawyer if any dispute is to arise, or, if your long term disability claim has been denied. It is imperative that you should start the process of litigation immediately. If your claim passes the allotment of time during the long term disability dispute, it may be rejected.
In order to help your dispute, we encourage you to gather any and all information that is pertinent to your case. We will need to examine your medical files, doctors’ notes, accident reports, and other material in order to verify your claim. We also recommend you continue to ask for your insurance claim file and any documents that the insurer might have. Keep a paper trail!
It is important that you continue with this claim and refrain from filing an alternative claim. We also highly suggest that you do not represent yourself during this process. Any improper filing may be grounds for rejection.


Do not get discouraged; insurance companies will give you the ‘run-around’. We stay the course and will ensure the filing of a proper long term disability claim, while you focus on healing.

Our Long Term Disability Pledge

Our Lawyers will assist you with your disability dispute – contact us today for your free consultation.
TSF Law has years of experience dealing with insurance companies. If your claim has been denied, we may be able to help you. Often, people lose hope because of being ‘bullied’ by an insurance company. Stay strong – we’re always there for you.
Approaching an insurance company with a legal team, specialized in disability denial and claim appeal, is your number one answer to avoiding:

  • Insurance enforced detours to supplying the properly allocated medical and disability benefits
  • Wasting precious healing time, emotional stress and time leading to further financial loss
  • Harming your case, which may happen if you meet an insurance company’s medical professional, whose primary role is to find context for denial.
  • Missing the deadline to file a lawsuit for wrongful denial of disability benefits claim.
  • Missing the 1-2 year timeframe to file a lawsuit once an insurance company has denied long-term disability benefits.

It is important to ignore any assurance that an insurance company representative may try to give you. It is important to remember it is in their financial interest to NOT supply you with the benefits and coverage you are entitled to, especially in during the time of healing.
If you or a loved one have received a denied disability claim, have been denied long term disability benefits, or/and are looking to find a disability lawyer, contact TSF Law today.
If your long-term disability claim is denied, and you have grounds for a short-term or long-term disability dispute, we encourage you to hire a long-term disability lawyer immediately. Do not be upset that your claim is denied – this does not mean that the insurance company is in the right. You may still qualify for financial and medical support which you should be receiving from your insurance company.