Long Term Disability Claims: Disability Claim Denial & Appeals

Avoid disability claim internal appeals! Contact a disability claim lawyer and reach a maximum payout instead of a lowball insurance settlement.

After filing a disability claim, most people enter an insurance company’s review process. It is at the end of this review where you will be informed that your claim has been denied or accepted.

Insurance Appeal Processes

Insurance companies offer a method of appeal to a denied claim. This is a process you can go through once you received a denied disability claim.

Internal Appeals

Filing an internal appeal requires the insurance company to reconsider their decision, at their own disclosure. There are typically 2-4 rounds of reconsideration where the insurance company may request further medical documentation, police records, and even an assessment conducted by their own medical professionals.

Appeal Rounds

As each round of appeal passes, you are notified in writing about your denial of disability benefits and what the next possible internal step you can take. Each appeal can take several months and it is important to remember that this entire process is meant to exhaust your certainty and determination of your disability claim.

Legal Advice

Insurance Claim Denials

If your disability claim is denied, it is important to:

  • Hire a disability lawyer. While you can file an appeal upon denial on your own accord, we at TSF Law highly suggest that you begin the litigation process as soon as possible. You do not want to risk missing the limitation waiting period for your disability claim.
  • Gather as much information as possible as to why your disability claim has been denied.
  • Ask to see your insurance claim file, and any/ or all other documentation your insurance company may have.
  • Keep a thorough paper trail. Take note of the names and employee numbers of the people you speak to, call number IDs, case #s/IDs, etc.

Remember the following:

If your disability claim is denied, it is important to avoid:

  • Filing another claim with your insurance company.
  • Choosing not to get a Disability Claim Lawyer and rerouting to representing yourself in the litigation process.
  • Neglecting to update your case with any new information which may support your disability claim, or avoiding set deadlines for filing an appeal to a denied disability claim.
  • Giving up. Do not get discouraged. Insurance companies can be bullies and a good disability appeal lawyer will stick by you 24/7.

TSF Law suggests that you avoid disability claim internal appeals. You do not have to go through the insurance appeal process before you can contact a disability claim lawyer.

Internal Appeals

Internal appeals are not the quickest and least expensive route to getting an insurance company to accept your disability claim. This is a false and common belief that they want you to think is true.

Legal Approaches to Claim Denial

Approaching an insurance company with a legal team, specialized in disability denial and claim appeal, is your number one answer to avoiding:

  • Insurance enforced detours to supplying the properly allocated medical and disability benefits
  • Wasting precious healing time, emotional stress and time leading to further financial loss
  • Harming your case, which may happen if you meet an insurance company’s medical professional, whose primary role is to find context for denial.
  • Missing the deadline to file a lawsuit for wrongful denial of disability benefits claim.
  • Missing the 1-2 year timeframe to file a lawsuit once an insurance company has denied long-term disability benefits.

Insurance Scrutinization

It is important to scrutinize any assurance that an insurance company representative may try to give you. It is important to remember it is in their financial interest to not supply you with the benefits and coverage you are entitled to, especially in during the time of healing.

Make your Long Term Disability Claim

If you or a loved one have received a denied disability claim, have been denied long term disability benefits, or/and are looking to find a disability lawyer, contact TSF Law today.

Types of Disability Claims

There are many types of Disability Claims based on your insurance package, or lack of insurance package as a result of your employment terms. Here are a few.