Burn Injury & Scar Injury

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A severe burn is considered one of the most painful injuries a victim can suffer from. Most often these burns are obtained in traumatic situations leading to permanent scarring and the loss of facial features, fingers, toes and partial paralysis, disfigurement, organ damage, body chemistry damage and sensitivity to temperature change. Furthermore, a severe burn can take up to two years before healing has commenced and cosmetic reconstructive surgery can take place.

If you encounter a burn injury which was to any extent due to the negligence of others, or if an insurance company does not want to fully compensate your long term disability losses, the legal services of TSF Law is here to ensure that opposing parties uphold their responsibility and moral imperative to restore your financial circumstances and long term health goals.

Other injuries one can encounter during a fire include:

  • Heat inhalation (when hot air enters mucous membranes and causes damage)
  • Systemic toxins (carbon monoxide poisoning)
  • Smoke inhalation (the #1 cause of death during a fire)

TSF Law know to approach each case with compassion and determination to secure compensation and proper reimbursement for any financial, physical, and emotional costs of an accidental burning.

The legal maneuvers and proper presentation of medical testimony is used strategically by TSF Law to negotiate fair and equitable settlements, standing by their clients for ongoing 24/7 support through their healing process.