Disability Claim Lawyer: Long Term Disability Lawyers in Toronto

Professional LTD Lawyers in Ontario. Free consultation. Denied claims, insurance appeals, disability denial: call TSF Law' long term disability lawyers.

Denied Benefits Applications

If your benefits have been terminated or need legal advice on your long term disability claim, contact us today for your free consultation.
Injuries are physically straining and financially draining. Here at TSF Law, we’ll help you in every way possible to ensure you have the best method of recovery as you transition into a healthier lifestyle.
We understand the emotional stress you may go through during your time of crisis, and your road to recovery. Our team can help provide income replacement when you become disabled at work, a team to ensure you have physical support, and a legal organization that’s always there for you.

Relationships with Clients: Long Term Disability Lawyer Standards

Throughout the relationship between lawyer and client, our retainer will protect both parties from any breach of the contract. At TSF Law, we always encourage you to defer to your retainer in case you would like an absolute understanding of our agreement. Our professional long term disability  team will do our best to help you understand the terms of our arrangement. Sometimes it is difficult; you may want a family member to reiterate our obligations towards you. Please let us know if you have any questions and concerns.
TSF Law has years of experience dealing with insurance companies. If your claim has been denied, we may be able to help you. Often, people lose hope because of being ‘bullied’ by an insurance company. An LTD lawyer will be able to help your claim in the most appropriate and professional way if he or she shares the goals which you express. You should also ask questions about what the lawyer will be able to do for you, in any case. Stay strong – we’re always there for you.
We pride ourselves in providing personalized service, including extensive interviews and preparation for all clients and their witnesses. We believe that preparation is key to effectively, and successfully representing our clients.