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Our team of Long Term Disability Lawyers handle LTD Claims, Denied Disability Claims, Insurance Denial, Disability Benefit Denials, and Insurance Claims.

We pride ourselves in providing personalized service, including extensive interviews and preparation for all clients and their witnesses. Our team of disability lawyers is dedicated, experienced, and equipped to handle your case and claim.

Disability Lawyers

Our long term disability lawyers can come to you or arrange travel based on your location. We recoup maximum settlements for disability insurance claims, denied claims, insurance disputes and insurance claims across Ontario.

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Benefits of Hiring a Long Term Disability Lawyer

The main reason people have insurance is to secure back-up financing for unexpected events that involve large financial costs. This is why everyone pays premiums in exchange for future capability to get monetary assistance from the insurance company. If your insurance provider refuses to approve your claim, things may become complicated.

  • Long term disability lawyers are paid to represent people who fail to get approved claims. They are the best person to turn to when your insurance company refuses to release the amount you are asking. Due to their firsthand experience, you can be confident that they are capable of following the processes required to make a proper appeal.
  • Getting legal counsel doesn’t mean that you will be filing a case against your insurance provider. All it means is that you are following the legal process of appealing to court about an issue that needs further attention and resolution from your company. A lawyer can help in minimizing the issue by leading the appeal into either mediation, arbitration or appraisal.

Mediation is an informal and involuntary negotiation between both parties that occur outside court.

Arbitration is a more formal approach to mediation, but is still regulated by a third party mediator. This type of agreement can be binding or not depending on the consensus of the parties involved.

Appraisal is when the losing party decides to provide compensation over the amount of the insured loss. It involves appraisers and umpires in order to make a fair judgment.

Toronto disability lawyers can also act on your behalf during proceedings. If you have a demanding job or are in medical rehabilitation and cannot attend to the matter personally, a lawyer can ably represent you. This includes negotiating between your insurance company and the court of appeals. This is very convenient especially for those who have undergone serious injuries that impede motor skills.

In the case of transportation matters, it is important to get the appropriate statistics to ascertain whether or not your case is appropriate for the medium. Our lawyers are able to do that for you.