Bus Accident

Have you been involved in a bus accident? Our disability lawyers can assess the damages and prepare a statement of claim for you.

As with Auto Accidents, Bus Accidents can be a very traumatic and difficult experiences. TSF Law are here to help you 24/7, providing our specialized approach and experience of dealing with bus companies and government transit lines.
While there is a plethora of factors and conditions that can cause a bus accident/ injury, the most common causes are:

  • Driver fatigue/ asleep at the wheel
  • Driver error / distracted driving
  • Aggressive driver behaviour (negligence to adhere to speeding laws, failure to signal, rapid lane changing and sharp turns, etc.)
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or/and alcohol
  • Negligent maintenance and inspection of the vehicle, leading to mechanical failure.

When facing a bus company after enduring an injury, a victim often encounters high stakes and legal considerations from a corporate and insurance company standpoint.
Key evidence that can play a crucial role in your case include:

  • damages to other involved vehicles/bystanders
  • logbook of the driver
  • bus black box data
  • witness testimony etc.

It is vital that you pinpoint exactly what caused the accident and who is responsible for the resulting damages.
TSF lawyers can help determine the circumstances surrounding your bus accident, support proper evidence to prove such circumstances, including the cause and liable party. Furthermore, if you have been denied long term disability resulting from a personal injury after a Bus Accident, it is important to contact us NOW : /contact-us/
If you or a loved one encounter a School Bus Accident, it is important to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer ASAP. It is important that Children return home and to school safely. These can be very traumatic events for both victims and their families.