Statutory Accident Benefits: Non-Earner & Caregiver Benefits

The non-earner benefit (“NEB”) is a last resort benefit of sorts, available to you if you do not meet the eligibility criteria of the IRB or caregiver benefit (“CGB”). Additionally, you must be completely unable to carry on normal life as a result of the accident to qualify for the NEB. The NEB is paid at $185 a week for a maximum of two years. However, they benefit may be paid beyond two years under certain circumstances (date of the the car accident, date of relevant insurance policy). Please note that an insurer is not required to pay any amounts for NEB during the first four weeks after a car accident.  

If you are catastrophically impaired because of an accident the caregiver benefit will provide support to you if you were taking care of someone before the accident and are substantially unable to continue doing so after the accident. The CGB provides $250 a week for the first person in need of care and $50 a week for each additional person in need of care. To continue receiving the CGB after two years you must suffer a complete inability to carry on normal life.