Toronto Disability Lawyer: Office Consultation

Toronto disability lawyers in Ontario are here to consult with your insurance claims and benefits denial. Contact TSF Law today.

What exactly is a Disability Insurance Lawyer?

This article provides information on a variety of subjects surrounding disability lawyers and insurance claims. Specifically, it will answer:

  • How does one go about finding a lawyer?
  • What should a lawyer do for you in your case?
  • How will you be accommodated?

Lawyers, legally, should be trustworthy, honest, and disclose to you what you need to know, when you need to know it. The best lawyer for disability benefits you can possibly choose will help assist you in your disability, and initiate contact on behalf of your interests with third parties involved in your claim. Over the course of your claim, you will be talking with the firm and its consultants – perhaps regularly. It is important that you trust the lawyers’ parties, as this can be an important factor in order to provide a solution that works best for all parties.
Short term or Long Term disability insurance lawyers’ primary concerns are that of relevant disability and its legal groundings. Based on your disability, a lawyer will concern his or herself with accumulating knowledge surrounding the disability, the ethics surrounding the professional opinions of your disability, and the capacity of care the disability lawyer is willing to provide to their client.

How to find the best disability insurance lawyer

Our research has found quite a number of disability lawyers, however, many personal injury lawyer firms will claim to work with long term disability claims. Personal injury cases, specifically severe instances, will bear the classification of long term disability cases as well. However, few law firms specifically deal with long term disability insurance claims, denied insurance claims, or insurance appeals.
TSF Law are lawyers for disability benefits – our specialty is geared towards dealing with insurance claims, long term disability clients, and persons with disabilities. We usually do not refer our cases out to other firms for a fee like other large firms practicing in Canada. Our retainer is based on, as stated by the Law Society of Upper Canada, one of the “best [they’ve] seen”. We do not charge referral fees, and our openness is guided by our care for our clients’ best interests.
Many disability insurance claimants will not know how to find a lawyer. There are many services that will help individuals find lawyers: claim networks, or law-society networks. Word-of-mouth is an approach many individuals will recommend, however, due to lack of expertise in diagnosing a case, the case at-hand may call for a different set of skills. Do your research! We offer a free consultation – as many top legal professionals should.
If your disability claim lawyer does not offer a free consultation, you should look around.