Long Term Disability Lawyer: Free Consultation for Denied Claims

Getting your disability claim denied on top of suffering your condition is not ideal. You should know that you are just one of many applicants with similar concerns. According to the OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance (OLHI), 700 complaints were denied a claim upon re-evaluation, with a total of 2100 for all of Canada in 2016. we’re passed for denied claim re-evaluation, with a total of 2100 for the entire Canada in the year 2016.
The problem with denial of claim responses is that they contain legal jargon which many people do not easily understand. This is why conflict and disputes occur; communication between the insurance company and the policy holder is unclear. In order to understand the exact meaning of your denial notice, get a free long term disability lawyer consultation.
Insurance companies usually have the upper hand in claim cases because they have the money, knowledge and connections. Refrain from falling into their trap. By getting your own lawyer, you will be able to fight back on the same level.

Types of Free Consultation

Is there really a free consultation? Yes, there is. It is almost illogical for a service provider to require compensation for several minutes of conversation with a client. This also applies in the legal setting.
A lot of firms offer free consultation services as part of their basic offerings. However, do not expect to get a comprehensive report on what and how to deal with your issue. The best you’ll get is an assurance that your issue is not rare and that they can help you get your benefits.
If you want a more informative consultation, it is best to approach a long term disability attorney for help under a contingency compensation plan. basis. This way, he or she will look into your case more closely and invest time to work out a solution, provided there is a positive outcome attainable. Just take note that if a case is possible, you will be entering into a legal discussion with your insurance provider, which means a court hearing. This will present you with several expenses at the conclusion of the case like:

  • Document preparation and filing expenses as charged by the lawyer
  • Percentage share of the lawyer for a successful claim. This is generally between 20-35% of the total proceeds.
  • Other expenses as described by the lawyers for the positive outcome of the case.
    The benefit of legal fees paid as a contingency plan is that you don’t need to pay anything if you don’t win. If you do, you can pay once you get your benefits. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement, but there are a lot of confident lawyers who would be willing to work a case under it.

Some long term disability lawyers are willing to work pro-bono. These are usually new lawyers. If you are willing to take the risk – remember, it is your health – then we wish you good luck. However, it is still advisable to get someone with experience since the case at hand is very critical. At TSF Law, we ensure that you have the most professional and experienced representation from our firm.

What Experienced Long Term Disability Attorneys Do Best

  • Legal representatives can act as you proxy in some court hearings. If you immobilized and cannot attend meetings and hearings, a lawyer can represent you alone.
  • The best long term disability lawyers know how and when to follow-up on a case. It doesn’t stop with submitting your appeal. In order for the process to be hastened, you need to be very proactive. A lawyer will be able to give advice and act on this himself or herself.
  • Presenting your case will be done in the best method possible. This comes with experience and leads to a good impression with the judge.
  • Complying with requirements will also be a breeze because you have someone knowledgeable to guide you. He will check all your submissions and ensure that nothing in them can be against you in your case.

How to Get the Best Long Term Disability Lawyer

Good lawyers are not hard to come by. But an experienced one with long-term practice on disability cases can prove to be a difficult find since there is high demand. You might find someone, but chances are they have multiple cases on their hands. If you are not willing to pay the initial fee so they can prioritize your case, your search will be a lot longer than usual.
How can I find a long term disability lawyer near me? The best method to find reliable ones is through word of mouth. Ask your friends and family or someone from work who has worked with one. Make sure the people you ask have first-hand experience with these lawyers.
Once you enter into a conversation with an attorney, make sure that you have all the documents you need. The clearer your description, the better understanding he can get. This will in turn lead to a more reasonable advice for your situation. Moving forward, you can decide whether to work with this lawyer or get a second opinion from someone else.
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