Canada’s Short-term and Long-term Disability; What is a disability Claim?

How is disability determined?

The two most common reasons to claim disability, without denial:

  • You have been put in a medical situation that is preventing you to work for more than one year, or may result in death.
  • Your current health condition prevents all work activity

In accordance with the Government of Canada website, disability benefits provided by the country’s administration, includes disability pensions, children benefits and saving plans. This includes the Canadian Pension Pan (also known as CPP, which workers and employers pay into yearly), Disability Tax Credit as per Revenue Canada, as well as the Veterans Affairs Canada Disability Benefits.

A disability insurance claim is eligible when you have fallen ill or have sustained an injury, and can no longer work. The insurance policy you have access to provides coverage and compensation to any endured costs as a result of the illness or injury, as well as support for financial and social stability.

Group Denefits Package

If you are receiving a group benefits package from your employer, there are two primary types of disability benefits you can receive:

  1. Short-term disability benefits
  2. Long-term disability benefits

Creditor disability insurance is provided solely by a bank, financial situation, or credit card. You might have noticed that when traveling with a certain credit card abroad, the card offers free travel insurance, car rental insurance, or health coverage at a discounted price.

How to apply for disability in Canada?

Canada disability benefits are provided by the federal government. Those entitled to benefits and programs varies, for each institution has it’s own criteria in terms of eligibility. The best thing to do, wherever you are in Canada, is to get in touch with your local employment social service office. Upon setting up an appointment, you can also conduct your own research into what your municipality and provincial government offer in terms of disability support.

To qualify for CPP benefits, you must be under the age of 65, have been off work for four months and are unable to sustain employment that is gainful due to disability. This could provide financial support for both short and long term disability.

In Ontario, we have the Ontario Works Program, which offer assistance to those who are in financial need. Their offices act as hubs for information and restoration for those who have just found themselves in a disabling situation, but also as a place to help restore your financial situation and employment goals once healing and stability is commenced.

How to apply for long term disability in Ontario?

Long term disability benefits in Ontario can be granted either through applying to ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program), or by filing a long term disability claim with your Ontario based insurance company. If you are thinking about submitted a long term disability claim, be sure to have as much supporting evidence as possible, and make sure you follow the time schedule for filing dates. Review your paperwork thoroughly before submission, and if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your Insurer. It is illegal for them to not disclose their full policy, as well as the claims and appeal process.

How to apply for short term disability in Ontario?

For a short term disability claim, you often need to be part of a group benefits plan. If approved, one would receive disability payments for a, less than a year, period of absence from work. If you do not have a group benefits package, you can call your local Ontario Works office. You may be eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) Sickness Benefits, which acts as a source of temporary income to eligible workers for up to 3.5 months.

If your disability claim has been denied, we urge you to contact a denied claim lawyer and get as much support and guidance as possible. We understand that this process can be stressful, and no one should endure further pain and suffering during a time of healing.