Long Term Disability Lawyer: How to specialize in Long Term Disability Claims

Lawyers who specialize in Long Term Disability Claims are few and far-between. Those who work in the personal injury field will deem themselves as such, but may be ill-equipped to approach the situation with long-term gains for the clients. Branded Personal Injury Lawyers have been known to take greedy fees from the clients represent. This is not the way to treat an individual – much less disabled, or in need.

Total Disability

We work in the area of “total disability”… that is, according to CPP Disability Benefits, “severe and prolonged”:

To qualify for a disability benefit under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), a disability must be both “severe” and “prolonged”, and it must prevent you from being able to work at any job on a regular basis.
Severe means that you have a mental or physical disability that regularly stops you from doing any type of substantially gainful work.
Prolonged means that your disability is long-term and of indefinite duration or is likely to result in death.

Severe and Prolonged

While there is no generally accepted definition of “severe and prolonged” in most insurance contracts (go-figure), according to Manulife,

In some contracts, “totally disabled” means that a person is unable to perform his or her own occupation – meaning type of work such as welding, computer repair or teaching – not the specific job they were hired to do. Contracts that have an own occupation definition of disability usually change to an any occupation definition after a set period of time (usually 24 months).
In other contracts, “totally disabled” means that a person is unable to perform any occupation including any type of work for which he or she is reasonably qualified by education, training or experience. Your group benefits booklet or your plan administrator will explain how your contract defines “total disability”.

Caring for Disabled Individuals

As a Long Term Disability Lawyer and patient advocate, TSF Law has the infrastructure to accomodate employees and individuals who have made Long Term Disability Insurance Claims, or, are looking to seek recourse for an insurance company who has not provided funding. We work with frustrated clients, and guide individuals to make life-altering decisions in the most professional manner.
Our firm does its best to provide long term disability-stricken individuals in need, such as:

  • Providing Rehabilitation Programs
  • Liaising with Insurance Companies on Behalf of the Individual
  • Seeking Medical Reports & Third-Party Examinations
  • Settling Out-Of-Court where Applicable
  • Appearing in Court Procedures
  • Sharing in Experiences With the Client

Long Term Disability Lawyer: Seeking Remedies

Individuals looking for Long Term Disability Benefits may seek a variety of remedies. This is where an experienced Long Term Disability Lawyer will resort to previous cases in order to project the maximum possible amount for the lawsuit in question:

  • Payment of All Disability Benefits
  • Order for Damages: Punitive, Mental Distress
  • Income Tax Payments
  • Declatory Relief
  • Relief from Forfeiture
    A Long Term Disability Lawyer will manage the complete case such that the client will not need worry about the minutiae. They will obtain proper medical reports, take precaution of the “waiting period”, communicate with the insurance company, calculate the amount required for the claim, and take precaution regarding employer settlements.

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