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Long Term Disability Lawyers: Denied Long-Term Disability Claim

Security of Long Term Disability Insurance If you are paying premiums for disability insurance (short-term disability insurance or long-term disability insurance), or are receiving disability benefits through your terms of employment, you have access to a financial safety net that is there to help you if you incur a sudden illness or injury. Long-term disability … Read more

Importance of Hiring a Toronto Disability Lawyer For Your Disability Claim

What Does a Disability Lawyer Do? A Disability Lawyer is also referred to as a Disability Insurance Lawyer or a Disability Claim Lawyer. A disability lawyer has a primary focus and practice in disability law pertaining to disability insurance policies. These disability insurance policies are offered often by employers to their employees, through group benefits, … Read more

Identifying Depression and Screening for Workplace Injuries

Depression is the single-most disabling health disorder in all of Canada, impacting employees across the nation everyday. It is important that you are properly supported in the workplace when dealing with depression, a mental health disability that is often less accommodated than physical disabilities. If you are being mistreated as a result of a mental … Read more

Mining Injury & Mining Accidents: 101

The mining sector has many vulnerabilities to workplace injury and accidents. Mining injuries can lead to short-term disability and long-term disability, including wrongful death. It is important to seek legal advice if you or a loved one have a mining injury, are a victim of a mining accident, or are dealing with a mining insurance … Read more

Ontario Injury Data 2018

According to The Cost of Injury in Canada (2015), injuries have posed a $8.8 billion dollar cost to the province. The data displayed here outlines unintentional injuries which have been deemed as being preventable, as per the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Center and the review of their report’s results for the 2014 and 2016 fiscal … Read more

Eyesight Disability: 101

The most severe visual problems one can encounter are the loss of vision and blindness. Experiencing either can be an after effect of an injury or illness, and has an everlasting impact on one’s life. Having a sensory change can be debilitating. In this article we will outline eyesight disabilities and benefits one is entitled … Read more

Service Animal Rights & Benefits

There are Canadian federal laws that require public and privately owned establishments to allow people with disability to bring their service animals onto the business or location premises. This means that a person with a disability is allowed, with their service animal, to go anywhere on the business’ premises where customers are allowed to go. … Read more

Car Insurance Claims: Top Things To Keep In Mind

The insurance claims process can become convoluted and overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with a medical crisis and/or surviving a traumatic event. It is important that you know the best things to do and pursue when filing a car insurance claim. By following these steps, you are ensuring a smooth navigation through the disability … Read more

School Bus Injuries

Many children across Canada rely on school bus transportation to and from centres of education, as well as a means of transport for athletic events and school excursions. A school bus is designed to protect children in case of a crash; Ontario bus drivers are licensed to specifically drive school buses, receive specific training and … Read more

Stress & Denied Disability Claims

People seek short-term disability and long-term disability benefits when they are facing an injury or illness that prohibits them from being able to carry out their current employment duties, or ability to seek and carry out alternative work duties for a period of time. When someone files a disability claim through their group benefits, they … Read more