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MD Life Insurance Denied My Claim: What Do I Do?

Overview Getting a denial notice from your insurance provider can be frustrating. In the case of life insurance, most companies do not raise an issue when someone requests for life insurance benefits. Your dilemma usually stems from the insurance carrier. There is only one solution to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve: hire … Read more

Denial of Disability? Get Compensated with a Long Term Disability Lawyer

It is nerve-wracking to deal with a disability while worrying about your financial situation. Most people get private insurance to have back-up for such situations. Companies also provide group insurance coverage to aid employees during a time of need. However, the current system is still unclear and a high percentage of insurance claims still get … Read more

Disability Benefits Attorney: Don’t deny your health

Once you get injured or have contracted a terminal illness, it is important that you record your condition immediately with medical reports. You need evidence to validate your claim for disability benefits. Once approved, you can receive financial aid for vital living expenses, medical bills, and possibly a caregiver – if needed. While this seems … Read more

Fight Insurance Denial: Reports of Insurance Claims

Here at TSF Law, we believe client information and education is critical to the claims process. This article will provide you with knowledge surrounding disability insurance claims, health claim practices and methods of fighting a health insurance claim. Specifically, it will answer the following questions in detail: Why do Insurance Companies Deny Claims? Are insurance companies … Read more

Insurance Claims & Long Term Disability Claims: Car Accidents

Insurance benefits are important because they assist with your finances and therapy costs, costs of caring in-hospital and at-home, and other needs while in-hospital and at-home. There are also additional benefits that may be available including: Services of a case manager Lost education expenses Non-earner benefits Dependent care benefits Damage to clothing expenses In fatality cases, … Read more