Car Insurance Claims: What NOT to Do

There are a few things you should keep in mind when making a car insurance claim. Our lawyers can let you know what those are.

When facing a medical illness or injury, it is common to feel overwhelmed and flustered, especially when having to deal with the necessary paperwork and deadlines required by an insurance company. Filing a disability claim means you will be able to access benefits that can aid in the healing process, as well as provide financial support during a time when you cannot support yourself with a working income. It is important to be fully aware of the things you should avoid when filing or considering to file a car insurance claim or disability insurance claim. Following these tips can lead to a faster claim process and access to full benefits. Having to deal with the added stress of a denied short-term disability claim or denied long-term disability claim, and the inability to access the required support during a time of need, can only become detrimental to your health. We do not want anyone to have to put up with further suffering after being involved in a car accident

Car Insurance

It is important that you do not do any of the following things, especially when considering the need to file a car insurance claim and are seeking short-term disability or long-term disability benefits as a result of a car accident.

Keeping Calm

Being involved in a car accident can be extremely stressful and can trigger one to becoming overly angered or saddened, which can lead to losing control of the situation. If you become overly angered and begin becoming aggressive, this can have a negative impact on an collision statements or interactions you may have with the other parties involved (Ex. police or an insurance claim agent). Furthermore, if you are overly saddened or disturbed by the incident and assume full responsibility, blame and legal liability, you can find yourself wrongfully accusing yourself of an accident and having to pay for something you are not legally held responsible for.

Fleeing the Scene of an Accident

Do NOT ever flee the seen of a car accident. Not only will you damage your insurance standing, you may be arrested. If you are involved in a car accident, especially if you are at fault, do not move or start your car after the accident has occurred. Do not tamper with the scene of the accident or assume that you have the right to do so. It is important to first analyze the scene and make sure no one is in need of medical assistance. If so, call EMS services as soon as possible.

Notifying the Police

If there is damage over $1,000, or if anyone involved in the accident is trying to settle the matter without involving other parties (such as insurance), you should notify authorities immediately. This is illegal and the minute you entertain the idea of settling the matter without informing the proper authorities, you will become party to the illegal act. This type of careless handling can prevent you from being able to keep you license, have car insurance, and possibly land you jail. It is important to file an insurance claim as soon as possible, with all necessary details and involve all necessary parties.

Insurance Deadlines & Formalities

It is important that you immediately contact your insurance company and take not of any necessary filing needs, such as:
– Deadlines
– Time Limits
– Required Documents

If you do not meet the proper deadlines and time limits, nor provide the necessary documentation to file your claim, you face a denied claim and zero benefits.

Also, it is very important that you DO NOT provide anything in writing to your insurance company before you have fully reviewed your insurance policy. Thoroughly avoid signing any releases or accept payment/check that is for ‘final payment’. You need to be fully satisfied and believe that the first estimated value provided by the insurance company is the ultimate amount they can dispense to you for your claim. Many insurance companies will try and payout as little as possible to legally valid claims. If in doubt, contact an insurance claim lawyer and seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Other Key Points

It is important to be as organized as possible when filing any insurance claim. Keeping your documents in a safe place is pivotal to any claim process; having quick and proper access to any required evidence or documentation will help quicken the insurance claim process. Gathering all the required statements and doing so in a timely manner will only help your claim.

If a third party has been injured, report such to you insurance provider. Ask the insurance agent you speak to provide any advice as to how you can discuss this situation with entities such as the public or with your employer. It is important that you avoid commenting on any details that may be held against you in a pending lawsuit. If you are unsure as to what you can or cannot discuss, contact an insurance claim lawyer who knows how to handle these matters.

Contacting a Toronto Disability Lawyer

If at any point you feel uncertain about the claims process, or are overwhelmed by any injury incurred after a car accident, it is best to speak with a disability insurance lawyer as soon as possible. An insurance claim attorney will be able to help navigate you through the entire claims process, but also assume responsibility of handling such if you are unable or unfit to do so. If you are facing a denied insurance claim, harassment from an insurance company, or reprisal from your employer as a result of being involved in a car accident, contact a disability insurance attorney (personal-injury lawyer) as soon as possible. They will be able to handle your claim entirely, as well as assume communication with any insurance company involved, and/or employer.

It is important that in the case of a car accident and related insurance claim, you do as much as you can to work towards an accepted claim. TSF Law understands that certain circumstances, such as an injury or an insurance company that is acting in bad faith, can get in the way of you accessing the benefits you are entitled to. We have represented many clients involved in car accidents and are well versed in handling car insurance claims. Give TSF Law a call, we provide free consultations and work closely with our clients to provide the best legal advice and claim benefit results.