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Rideshare Accidents: 101

Ridesharing is a popular service that has been operating across Ontario since 2014. Companies include: Uber Lyft InstaRyde Facedrive ecoRIDES DriverHER RideCo Uride Many people rely on these services to get to places when time is of essence, to and from special events, as a safe means of transport when one has been drinking or … Read more

Top Reasons For Car Insurance Claim Denial

It turns out that insurance providers have every right to deny claim applications if your situation falls into some of the most common scenarios that are easy to prove invalid in court. If you are not aware of such reasons yet, here are some of them so you can avoid making the same mistakes. Inconsistent … Read more

Accommodating Disabilities in the Workplace

Long Term Disability Lawyers & Employee Accommodations The Canadian human rights legislation forbids discrimination against persons with disability within the workplace setting. The legislation defines a disability as either a physical or mental impairment. Thus, an employer should be aware of their obligations to accommodate disabled people to the point of undue hardship. The phrase … Read more

Coping With Insurance Claim Denial

Have you ever confidently sent a claim request only to receive an auto insurance claim denial letter? There can be a lot of insurance claim denial reasons, and the ones stated in the letter are just the ones your insurance company thinks you would want to hear. There are plenty of instances that will lead … Read more

What to Do If Fairfax Denied My Claim

Road accidents are some of the most common scenarios people buy insurance for. There may be a lot of damages involved, including a life. If you have your own car insurance and have been in a car accident recently, the first thing that comes to mind is to file a claim to your insurance provider. … Read more