Aviva Insurance Denied My Claim: Common Issues and Expectations

When accidents strike and you turn to your insurance provider, the last thing you want to happen is be denied. With all the stress from the incident, it is normal to be frustrated when your insurance provider does not approve your application. Aviva is a popular provider in Canada that offers several types of coverage. The main vision of the founders of the company is to make the business easy and simple for customers using digital methods at its core. However, Aviva claims don’t have a very good reputation among many of its clients.

Aviva Car Insurance Claim for RVs

One very unsatisfied client of the company had an RV that sunk. The damages included most of the body twisted up and damaged. Aviva outsourced the inspection to another company, which also outsourced it to another one. Both licensed inspectors deemed the truck beyond repair.
Using all the documentation provided by the adjuster, the factory service centre has given a quote of $180,000 to repair the RV. The service centre forwarded the owner to another unlicensed shop and there the quote of $30,000 was made. The only problem was that the car needed to travel across state with the damages it incurred.
Once proof that the car was reparable, Aviva Canada claims that an adjuster should look at it. The car then had to travel 300 miles more. However, no adjuster showed up and this lasted for almost a year of unanswered communication. A reply in the form of an offered amount less than the quote came, but no shop would accept the job. Another problem occurred when the company threatened the policy holder that he will lose all the rights to his policy if he did not accept the offered amount. The ombudsman was notified of the case but the policy holder was denied to even provide documents. The problem remains unsettled until today.
Of course, this is not the only mishap the company has committed. A number of cases that involved forced acceptance of offered amounts have resurfaced. Add to this their customer service quality which fails to be of help most of the time. If you’ve asked yourself, “why did Aviva deny my claim?” Try to find an official explanation. This will help in the future once you decide to take the case to court.
Another unfortunate policy holder had a denied insurance claim for a stolen car. The initial quote given by the company was much lower than what a brand new car of the same model would cost. Another request for reconsideration went back with a slightly higher quote, but still ways lower than the typical selling price of the vehicle. Since it was fairly new and in great condition, the Aviva insurance claim quote would have been much higher. During the correspondence, the rental company that provided the rental vehicle in replacement to the lost one reported that the payment was due back five days. A polite request was sent to the company only to result in a denial for the rental payment extension. Of course, there was no change in the second quotation and the owner was forced to accept it.

The Actual Dilemma

The main problem of being a policy holder and wanting to get Aviva insurance claims is the follow through. You go through the usual steps, only to be denied. If you have not approached a lawyer, you will find the following events overwhelming. Aviva Elite is a very large company. You can expect it to have a large influence in many states. It might seem absurd that something so big would refuse to let go of several thousand dollars, but companies strive by being 100% profit-geared.
One thing you will realize is that large companies will have large budgets for their legal support. Thus, if you submit a case or try to go against them, you can expect to go against top notch legal representatives. This is one factor you need to consider.
Second, the company may have ties with other insurance-geared organizations. When Aviva denies your claim, you know you will be facing off a giant organization. It pays to be cautious about which shops you go to.
Lastly, the size of the corporation is intimidating. It can weaken your resolve. It will also play a part in the decision of adjusters you ask help from. And many other people who might play a part in your case against the company. Thus, you really need to get a reliable ally that will not weaken their resolve even against an insurance giant. Find a lawyer who is willing to represent you and make sure to pay on a contingency basis. This way, you get a better guarantee that your legal counsel will do his best to win your case no matter what.