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Long Term Disability Lawyers: Denied Long-Term Disability Claim

Security of Long Term Disability Insurance If you are paying premiums for disability insurance (short-term disability insurance or long-term disability insurance), or are receiving disability benefits through your terms of employment, you have access to a financial safety net that is there to help you if you incur a sudden illness or injury. Long-term disability … Read more

Disability Buyout & LTD Buyout Lawyers

TSF’s disability buyout experts and LTD buyout lawyers are committed to helping individuals with their long-term disability lump sum buyout and disability buyout agreements. Our legal firm is tailored to servicing Canadians looking for long-term disability security and financial support. If you have a buyout offer, or are looking at a buyout agreement, we highly … Read more

Ontario Teachers Insurance Forms For Group Benefit Claims & Appeals

Teachers’ Insurance, provided through Manulife Insurance, is an insurance entity that Ontario teachers and policyholders rely on in times of need. When a Teachers’ Insurance claimant submits the required Teachers’ Insurance claim forms for insurance coverage, they expect to gain a peace of mind and access to Teachers’ Insurance benefits that can support their medical situation. … Read more

Teachers Insurance Appeals Process, Long Term Disability Claims

You need to fight for your disability rights and appeal the Teachers’ Insurance decision if you find yourself facing any of the following: Teachers’ Insurance LTD termination DeniedTeachers’ Insurance LTD claim Facing a Teachers’ Insurance Denial If you are already in the midst of a Teachers’ Insurance LTD appeal, we highly suggest you contact a … Read more

Ontario Teachers Insurance LTD Denied? Long Term Disability Claims Lawyers…

Teachers’ Insurance is an insurance provider offered to Ontario’s educational employees through their group benefits plan. Teachers’ Insurance provides benefits for Long Term Disability (LTD) when teachers find themselves facing a sudden critical illness or injury. TSF Law has successfully represented denied Teachers’ Insurance LTD claims, claimants facing Teachers’ Insurance LTD appeals, and other Teachers’ Insurance denial disputes for long-term … Read more

Finding a Heart Disease Disability Lawyer

Finding A Heart Disease Disability Lawyer Upon diagnosis of heart disease, many Canadians fear for the worst. Heart disease is a serious condition that requires immediate care and intervention. It is important that upon diagnosis, patients feel supported by the resources they have at hand. Many people consider filing a disability claim for heart disease … Read more

Identifying Depression and Screening for Workplace Injuries

Depression is the single-most disabling health disorder in all of Canada, impacting employees across the nation everyday. It is important that you are properly supported in the workplace when dealing with depression, a mental health disability that is often less accommodated than physical disabilities. If you are being mistreated as a result of a mental … Read more

Medical Insurance: A Lawyer Can Help

Many Canadians file insurance claims with their medical insurance (whether be through group benefits or personal health insurance) in order to be financially covered for specific medical needs. Such needs include treatment from specialized practitioners and doctors (physiotherapists, dentists etc.), medical devices (custom braces, orthotics, etc.), prescription drugs, and coverage for when one leaves the … Read more

Mining Injury & Mining Accidents: 101

The mining sector has many vulnerabilities to workplace injury and accidents. Mining injuries can lead to short-term disability and long-term disability, including wrongful death. It is important to seek legal advice if you or a loved one have a mining injury, are a victim of a mining accident, or are dealing with a mining insurance … Read more