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Our LTD buyout lawyers are committed to helping individuals with their long-term disability lump sum buyout and disability buyout agreements.

TSF’s disability buyout experts and LTD buyout lawyers are committed to helping individuals with their long-term disability lump sum buyout and disability buyout agreements. Our legal firm is tailored to servicing Canadians looking for long-term disability security and financial support. If you have a buyout offer, or are looking at a buyout agreement, we highly suggest you consult with one of our buyout experts for free, before moving forward with any legalities. Your insurance company is in pursuit of saving money and is most likely offering you an amount that is far less than what you are legally entitled to.

When you or a loved one are considering an LTD buyout or insurance buyout, it is important you consider all the legal factors that are part of this agreement. You want to be able to acquire the largest sum of money in the most timely manner; teaming up with a disability buyout lawyer can help address any legal complexities that you may face, as well as begin the negotiations with your insurance company, on your behalf. We are committed to ensuring that the buyout process runs smoothly and offers little recourse, with a maximum benefit amount. This amount often is far more than what your insurance company would be willing to settle without legal representation.

Lump Sum Buyout: Long Term Disability Buyout

A lump sum buyout of a long term disability benefit is a scenario where an insurance company pays a policyholder a one-time lump sum, instead of regular payments (typically monthly) for a disability benefit received after filing a long-term disability claim. A lump sum buyout requires a disability claimant to be cautious and properly calculate and plan the maximum benefit of such a financial and legal scenario. An experienced and knowledgeable disability lawyer will help you make the best financial decision based on your present long-term disability claim and the financial circumstances your future holds at this time.

It is in the insurance company’s interest to save money; they do not want to continue paying long-term disability payments for an extended period of time. LTD claims are costly for an insurance company and creates greater losses for them over time. When an insurance company realizes such losses, they often will approach a long-term disability claimant, who is receiving LTD benefit payments, with a buyout offer. A buyout offer is an insurance company’s attempt to cut their losses, due to factors such as: morbidity (you will recover before the maximum benefit times out) and mortality (you will live to the maximum benefit time payable through your disability insurance policy). In both scenarios, you are legally owed disability benefit payments; morbidity and mortality need to be considered when a disability buyout lump sum is agreed upon during a disability buyout settlement. A certain amount of bargaining is required between an insurance company and a client to reach a fair lump sum buyout agreement; teaming up with a disability lawyer is in your best financial interest.

Determining the Lump Sum of a Disability Buyout of Disability Benefits

A long term disability lawyer, who is an expert in disability buyouts, will be able to consider the following important financial factors when settling on a lump sum buyout of your LTD benefit:

  1. Maximum Exposure of a Buyout: Your lawyer will be able to calculate the maximum exposure of your insurance company in accordance with your long-term disability policy. This maximum exposure amount will indicate the maximum coverage you need, and form the foundation for your lump sum buyout. An example of such a calculations would be:

At the present time, you are 40 years old and your disability benefits are provided until you reach the age of 65. Currently, you are receiving $6,000 a month through your disability insurance coverage, signifying $72,000 a year. This amount will have to be honored for the next 25 years, until your reach the age of 65. Therefore, the maximum exposure for your insurance company is a total of $1,800,000.00 ($72,000 x 25 years).

  1. Present Value: Your insurance company will not want to offer you the maximum buyout amount you are entitled to. Instead, they will estimate and offer you the current value of your disability benefits up to date, as well as a possible interest rate that can be applied to that amount in the future. The idea is that when you deposit the lump sum of your disability benefits up to date, that amount will collect interest which will extend the financial longevity of this sum. With a consideration of the example above, such a scenario would allow you to withdraw $6,000/month until your are 65, but not all of the $6,000 will be money from the insurance company itself, but rather from the interest rate added on the amount your got in your settlement. An insurance company may attempt to offer a lower interest rate than you are entitled to or that would equal to the amount you would need per month; for this reason, it is important to have a disability lawyer review all the legal and financial technicalities of a lump sum buyout.
  2. Extra-Contractual Disability Buyout Arrangements: Your insurance provider is not legally required to offer you a disability buyout arrangement, unless your policy’s terms and conditions provides accommodation for a buyout scenario. A lawyer will be able to best pursue a disability buyout arrangement, on your behalf, when this option is available to you through your policy’s terms and conditions, as well as navigate a settlement if your disability insurance provider offers you a buyout agreement even if its not an option outlines in your policy’s terms and conditions. It is important to remember that a disability buyout arrangement is often only utilized by an insurance company when it is in their best financial interest. Make sure to protect your interests as well by working with a disability lawyer.
  3. Taxes: It is important that current and future taxes are considered when agreeing on a lump sum buyout. Receiving a lump sum buyout of a long term disability benefit may have negative tax implications. A long-term disability benefit is typically tax-free when it has had premiums paid with “after-tax dollars”. A long-term disability benefit is taxable, at common income tax rates, if an employer paid for the insurance premium (meaning you received the insurance coverage through a group benefit plan offered by your employer), or if you paid for your own insurance coverage with “pre-tax dollars”. Structuring your buyout settlement with consideration of tax implications is a very important factor to consider during a disability buyout settlement.
  • Please Note: You are not legally obliged to accept a lump sum buyout offer from an insurance company. If your insurance company approaches you with a disability buyout, we urge you to speak to a disability lawyer who is well versed in your disability rights and insurance law. They will be able to shed light on the best financial option for you.

Business Disability Buyout Plans & Disability Buyout Agreements

Some individual business owners can opt in for a disability buyout agreement to buyout other owner’s shares and interest in a company, when one is suddenly unable to continue with their company duties as a result of a sudden illness or injury. A disability buyout plan structures and supplies the funds essential for a business partner to buy a disability holder/partner’s interest in a business. Such a plan ensures a disabled owner/partner a solid market value for their interest in the business (offering financial security during their disability), and will secure all other partners and owners from possible financial and company risks that a disability may impose on a business.

To have a financial safety net when a company’s owner faces sudden disability, and to avert clashes and be fair to other owner’s and the family’s best interest, it is important to plan a disability buyout scenario, with the help of a disability lawyer, and draft a disability buyout agreement for your business.

In a disability buyout agreement, the disabled partner will regain their capital investment through a buyout agreement and will receive income through the profits of their personal disability insurance policy, without financially harming the business. In turn, the “functioning” partners/owners will be able to continue running their business by buying out the disabled partners shares and holdings, for an agreed-upon cost as per the disability buyout plan. The money used to purchase such shares and holdings will be funded through the business’s insurance company, not the business itself. With a set disability plan, owners and partners will be able to avoid extensive wait times, expensive legal clashes and potential arguments over the rates of a buyout agreement. A disability lawyer will be able to properly utilize each party’s disability insurance policies to fund a buyout agreement.

A Disability Buyout Agreement for a business / company should include the following:
– Name of all owners/partners, as well as specification of their interests in the business
– The company’s obligation to buy or sell shares/interests
– Definition of the event that would prompt an owner to buy or sell (such as sudden major disability, death or voluntary withdrawal)
– An evaluation of the business
– An agreed upon purchase price or method for calculating a purchase price
– The insurance policies that would be utilized in such an event

Long Term Disability Buyout: Accepting a Lump Sum Buyout

When a lump sump payment amount is offered by your insurance company, in the event of a LTD claim, a long term disability lawyer will fight for your claims maximum entitlement through a settlement. With a disability lawyer’s aid in a settlement offer, the insurance company will have to offer to pay the present-day value of benefits, taking into account the overall value of future benefits. This amount is often far more than what the original lump sum payment offer would be, if a long term disability lawyer was not representing you in the event of a buyout.

Receiving a fair lump sum buyout of long term disability benefits is determined based on the individuality of each case. It is important to speak with a long term disability lawyer, as soon as possible, if you are offered a disability buyout option after facing a denied long-term disability claim. In such a scenario, your insurance company may have wrongfully denied your claim in hopes you settle on a lump sum instead. A long term disability lawyer will be able to identify if your insurance company has acted in bad faith, as well as shed light on the full sums of money and benefits you are entitled to at this time.

Disability Settlement & Disability Buyouts

Insurance companies offering disability policies may offer to buy-out your right to extended benefits for a one-time lump sum payment made directly to you. It is common for insurance companies to refuse long-term disability claims and in turn offer lump-sum settlements. These buyout attempts are made to save the insurance company money and pressure you into settling for a lesser disability benefit than what you are legally entitled to. It is important you speak to a disability lawyer before engaging in a disability settlement of disability buyout agreement.

Types of Disability Insurance Settlements:

  • Lump Sum Payment: A single payment, made out to you, may be negotiated when you are currently receiving monthly disability benefit payments from your insurance provider.
  • Initial Denial of Benefits: A common scenario is that your initial disability claim is denied, and instead of going through further claims processes or an appeal process, your insurance company offers to settle your disability claim by offering a lump-sum buyout.

In order to engage in an insurance disability buyout, and negotiate a disability settlement, you will either have to be contacted by your insurance company with an offered lump-sum buyout, OR initiate a conversation for a disability buyout settlement with the help of a disability lawyer.

A lump sum settlement offer will consider the following:

  • Policy holder’s current medical and financial situation
  • Consideration of future circumstances such as interest rate fluctuations, unforeseen accidents, or any other financial risks that could financially impact an insurance company
  • Morbidity and mortality rates of the policy holder
  • Odds of medical advancements

To calculate a disability buyout, the following will be considered:

  • Current age of the policy holder
  • Life expectancy of the policy holder
  • Current corporate bond rate
  • Probability that the policy holder will remain fully or residually disabled
  • The total amount of reserves set aside by insurance company, specific to your disability policy
  • Current value of the future monthly disability benefits potentially owed to the policy holder

If your long-term disability claim has been denied, or if you have exhausted the appeals process for a denied disability claim, a disability lawyer will be able to settle and accommodate your disability claim for a possible buyout scenario. A disability lawyer will be able to adequately represent and fight for your disability rights and outline how your insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim. Settling your denied disability case with a disability buyout settlement may be a better option for you when the likelihood of monthly disability benefits is not guaranteed. A disability lawyer will alleviate any financial and legal hardship, allowing you to focus on your health and wellbeing when faced with a denied disability claim.

Disability Buyout Lawyer Ontario : Free Consultations

TSF’s disability buyout team has helped many clients negotiate and settle long term disability buyouts with results that maximize their client’s financial futures. Having a disability buyout lawyers review any disability buyout offer you may receive is essential to ensuring you receive the full benefit amount you are entitled to, as per your insurance policy and long-term disability claim. Our disability lawyers will negotiate a buyout settlement that will enhance and maximize your financial payout for long-term security and comfort.

Our lawyers understand the physical and emotional stress one can experience when handling a disability buyout agreement. We are committed to aiding disabled people and their families when faced with a sudden illness or injury, and aim to ease the financial burden cause by an unexpected lack of income.

TSF Law is highly experienced and knowledgeable in disability and insurance law. We are a result oriented legal team serving the diverse needs of our clients. As disability buyout experts, we are committed to your rights and full legal and financial entitlements. We work on a contingency fee basis and only get paid once a positive settlement is reached.

Contact our firm today for a free consultation. Our disability lawyers are happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. You may call our firm directly to set up an appointment, or fill out an online contact form. TSF Law is always there for you.