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Child Injury Lawyer

When a child acquires a major injury or illness, it is both daunting for the child and their caregivers. A child’s vulnerability to certain injuries is linked to their stage of development and other social factors. Children are prone to different injuries and illnesses than adults; it is important that when a child is seriously … Read more

Identifying Depression and Screening for Workplace Injuries

Depression is the single-most disabling health disorder in all of Canada, impacting employees across the nation everyday. It is important that you are properly supported in the workplace when dealing with depression, a mental health disability that is often less accommodated than physical disabilities. If you are being mistreated as a result of a mental … Read more

Workplace Violence & Harassment: Laws & Governing Legislature

It is always important have access to a working conditions free of workplace violence, workplace harassment and bullying – things that pose a danger to one’s physical health and mental health. Knowing who your health and safety coordinator is, your human resource representative, as well as reviewing your workplace violence prevention policy can help foster … Read more

Workplace Violence: Warning Signs & Risk Factors

Workplace violence and harassment is far more prevalent in certain fields such as correction and public health care. That being said, workplace violence and workplace harassment can appear in any work environment. To find out what is workplace violence, read our introductory article,here. It is up to the employer and those managing the workplace to … Read more

Workplace Violence & Harassment: An Introduction

While some forms of employment have reoccurring and expected encounters with violence and harassment from patrons and citizens, such as the police force and emergency health care centers, no employee in Canada should ever be subject to workplace violence and harassment that is fostered by their employer, manager or fellow employees. It is the duty … Read more

Eyesight Disability: 101

The most severe visual problems one can encounter are the loss of vision and blindness. Experiencing either can be an after effect of an injury or illness, and has an everlasting impact on one’s life. Having a sensory change can be debilitating. In this article we will outline eyesight disabilities and benefits one is entitled … Read more

Disability and Service Animals

Service animals are working animals, not pets. When someone employs and owns a service animal, they are equipped with a medical aid that is trained to provide support directly for their owner’s or patient’s specific disability. When someone has succumb to a major injury or illness that leaves them disabled and requiring the help of … Read more