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Disability Denial Lawyer: Importance of an Appeal

Disability denial in any form, whether be through your employer or an insurance company, is a critical dilemma that many hard working Canadians face. When you rely on disability insurance to hold its end of the bargain, and find yourself short changed, it is nothing but a burden on those who are suffering from long-term … Read more

Long Term Disability Benefits Denied: What Next?

Convincing your insurer to pay your long term disability benefits in accordance with its own policy can be very difficult. The insurance company may be determined to deny your application, delay the payment of your claim or pay less than what you are actually entitled to under the policy. Long term disability claims are usually … Read more

Disability Claim Denied: Reasons and What Next

Nobody desires to ever make a disability claim because it is a stressful procedure. As well, being denied benefits when disabled can place you in a difficult situation. Unfortunately, disability and denial of disability claims are real and happening every day across Canada. If your claim is denied, do not fret; there are ways for … Read more