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Disability Lawyer and Disability Claim Lawyers: Toronto

Are You Facing a Denied Insurance Claim? When you have a disability claim denied, it would be in your benefit to contact a disability claims lawyer upon receipt, before initiating the appeal process yourself. Disability claims lawyers are experts in insurance law, as well are knowledgeable in the legalities of the relationship between an insurance … Read more

Disability Claims Lawyers: Facts & Figures of Disabilities

Did you know: over 1 billion people worldwide live with some form of disability. Disability Claims Lawyer: Toronto, Ontario & GTA Region Facts About 15% of the world’s population have significant difficulties in functioning healthily. Rates of disability are increasing due to aging, chronic health conditions, and accidents. Source: WHO. Because disability can be hereditary, … Read more

Long Term Disability Insurance Lawyer in Toronto: Retain Us Today

A Long term disability insurance policy should certainly give you piece of mind. Nevertheless, your insurance agency has denied your claim. Disability Insurance Claim Problems What was once a basic safety net has now become a source of pain. Numerous insurance carriers decline and reject valid disability claims – including denying insurance benefits. For many … Read more

Getting the Right Employment Disability Lawyer

Choosing the Right Employment Disability Lawyer To increase your chances of getting the best employment disability lawyer, we recommend that you follow these three steps: Get a referral from a trusted friend or source for the first option Search on a law directory or association to get the second option Conduct an online search to … Read more