Getting the Right Employment Disability Lawyer

Choosing the Right Employment Disability Lawyer

To increase your chances of getting the best employment disability lawyer, we recommend that you follow these three steps:

  • Get a referral from a trusted friend or source for the first option
  • Search on a law directory or association to get the second option
  • Conduct an online search to get the third option

Best Options

In the end, you should have three options to choose from. This will ensure that you not only hire a lawyer who is experienced and specialized in employment disability law but also one who has the most desirable character and style. You could even schedule initial consultation with each of them before you settle on your choice since most lawyers in Canada will not charge consultation fees.

Consider the Nature of your Claim

To choose the most appropriate lawyer, you need to understand the nature of your claim. Is it a short term or a long term disability claim? Remember some lawyers specialize in one area and not the other. However, this does not mean that there are no lawyers who can handle more than one area of law. The point is that you should be careful to get the right representation as this will greatly determine whether you will succeed or not. Employment disability claims are subject to limitation of time. This is where a lawyer’s experience comes in handy.

Long Term Disability Lawyers in Toronto

Employers usually enter into contract with third party insurance companies that provide long term disability benefits to employees who becomes disabled during employment and cannot continue working normally. Most long-term disability plans will have terms that allow you to receive benefits for up to two years once you demonstrate that you cannot perform any gainful occupation. Demonstrating that you are no longer able to perform any gainful occupation is not as easy as it may sound and this is where long term disability lawyers is required. Essentially, the lawyer will liaise with a medical professional; obtain requisite medical opinions and other relevant documents; contact representatives of your insurer; appeal any unfavorable decision and institute a civil suit when necessary.

Disability Rights Lawyer

Your rights give rise to corresponding duties on the part of your employer. If you become disabled, your employer has the obligation to accommodate you. This includes allowing you time off to attend medical appointments and therapy; giving you modified duties and responsibilities; making your working schedule flexible; organizing for your retraining; modifying the policies and rules of work and modifying the work environment. In short, your employer should make reasonable efforts to make sure that you remain employed. If you notice that your employer has started behaving unusually after you became disabled, do not hesitate to contact a disability lawyer to advise you on the best course of action in protecting your rights.

How much is a Disability Lawyer?

It is true that lawyers will charge you for their services. However, this should not deter you from seeking legal services. Lawyers are human beings and understand the hardships that you may be going through especially where your disability claim has been denied. Some of them will agree to do your case on condition that you pay them once your claim is successful. It is much better to succeed in your claim and give your lawyer a portion of the settlement than to lose the entire benefit due to lack of legal representation.