Toronto Insurance Claim Lawyer Help

Why Should I Hire an Insurance Claim Lawyer in Toronto?

Insurance companies are large entities with years of experience fighting lawsuits, market conditions, and socioeconomic disasters. Their main motivation for paying out a minimum amount for your claim is a single factor: money.

Corporations have profits to gain and shareholders to report to. Their impetus to pay the lowest amount for a claim will be apparent once your claim is denied. Although you may deserve a full payout, this may not be the case.

Insurance Disputes in Toronto

Since Toronto is headquarters for many of these insurance companies, one can expect a lawyer to have a significant influence on such a tight-knit community as Toronto’s. Your option to have a lawyer to fight against your insurance company’s team of lawyers will come in handy.

Smart Decision for Denied Claim

Don’t forget: do not make your ordeal personal – at this point, it is a business decision. Most business is part of good negotiations. If your lawyer is an excellent negotiator, it will fare well for your claim. In some cases, a denied claim received by an insurance company will result in an immediate payout when your lawyer is on the case. Do not underestimate how quickly a lawyer may be able to help in your situation.

Suing your Insurance Company

If your demands have not been met, your lawyer may opt to sue the insurance company:

  • You may be required to attend in court
  • Your lawsuit may not actually proceed to court
  • Your claim may go to tribunal
  • You may be eligible to have your legal fees paid if the insurance company loses

Your denied claim is now the focus of attention. You will be required to prove your medical records, statements, and personal health in order for the judge to made a decision.

Do I need a Long Term Disability Lawyer?

We always recommend working with a lawyer; you’re dealing with a major, critical issue in your life and this situation is not to be taken lightly. Unless you regularly deal with legal affairs, we do not recommend taking the situation into your own hands. In many cases, Lawyers will have relationships with insurance companies that will assist in realizing your claim. This is because the lawyer may have already worked with your insurance company before and has established rapport.

How much will a Denied Claim Lawyer Cost?

Hourly fees vary based on the experience, attitude, team, and type of legal firm. Our retainer is available for you to consider based on your health & the opportunities you may have with respect to your case.

If you would like more information, please contact us and we will schedule a consultation.