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Protest Injury & Disability Lawyer

The state of the nation has brought a lot of volatility and citizens feel compelled to speak up for their beliefs and human rights. Unfortunately, environments where protests have taken place have been unsafe; many victims have suffered from : injury due to police brutality/excessive force injury and assault from protestors / counter-protestors injury due … Read more

Top Injury Lawyers

As one of Toronto’s injury lawyers, we know that it’s hard to get in touch with the right legal experts for your injury case, especially when you’ve suffered from a major accident and have enough to deal with on your plate. In this situation, people are more inclined to hire the first lawyer they’ve found … Read more

COVID-19: Personal Injury

Contracting the coronavirus, COVID-19, as a result of another person’s negligence is grounds for personal injury. That being said, there are very specific scenarios in which one can be held accountable during the time of a world pandemic. Possible Scenarios for COVID-19 Personal Injury Claims: Physical Injury Contracted COVID-19 on a Cruise, as a result of … Read more

COVID-19: Long Term Disability Claims

If you have received a denied long term disability claim, please click here If you are looking to appeal a denied short term disability or long term  disability claim, please click here Given the socio-economic climate of Ontario during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in short term disability claims (STD) and long term disability claims (LTD). Employees that fall ill with the COVID-19 virus will be required to … Read more

Insurance Claim: Long Term Disability

Filing a long term disability claim (LTD claim), and/or trying to navigate your insurance company’s claims process, especially during the climate of these times, can be extremely difficult. LTD claims require thorough documentation, adherence to timelines and followup – tasks that can be difficult to keep on top of when you are dealing with the … Read more

Long Term Disability Lawyers: Denied Long-Term Disability Claim

Security of Long Term Disability Insurance If you are paying premiums for disability insurance (short-term disability insurance or long-term disability insurance), or are receiving disability benefits through your terms of employment, you have access to a financial safety net that is there to help you if you incur a sudden illness or injury. Long-term disability … Read more

Disability Buyout & LTD Buyout Lawyers

TSF’s disability buyout experts and LTD buyout lawyers are committed to helping individuals with their long-term disability lump sum buyout and disability buyout agreements. Our legal firm is tailored to servicing Canadians looking for long-term disability security and financial support. If you have a buyout offer, or are looking at a buyout agreement, we highly … Read more

Ontario Teachers Insurance Forms For Group Benefit Claims & Appeals

Teachers’ Insurance, provided through Manulife Insurance, is an insurance entity that Ontario teachers and policyholders rely on in times of need. When a Teachers’ Insurance claimant submits the required Teachers’ Insurance claim forms for insurance coverage, they expect to gain a peace of mind and access to Teachers’ Insurance benefits that can support their medical situation. … Read more