Road Trip Accidents

Ontario is full of major and minor highways that allow you to explore the province’s cities and towns, as well enable thousands of people to access the many parks and conservations. Roads become busy during peak rush hours up to cottage country, or in areas holding special events and festivals. While many Canadians enjoy the open road and the accessibility the roads offer to explore the provinces, it is important to drive safely, for every year the number of motor vehicle accidents and fatalities increases.

Many of these accidents are due to avoidable negligence on the part of other drivers, including distracted driving with cell-phone use, to falling asleep at the wheel. It is absolutely imperative that you make sure you are physically and mentally capable of driving safely at all times.

Common Scenarios for Road Trip Accidents

Motor vehicle and roadside accidents happen quickly and with forces that can cause major injuries, even with minor physical damage to vehicle. Given the mere size and weight of a traveling car, vehicle accidents can be rapidly traumatic, both bodily and psychologically. Unfortunately, negligence is far too common in these situations and is recognized in court in the following ways:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Distracted driving (including cellphone use)
  • Driving under the influence (drugs and alcohol)
  • Failure to obey traffic and construction signs
  • Improper lane changes
  • Non-compliance with speed limit (going too fast or too slow)
  • Failure to take note of changing weather or traffic conditions
  • Unsafe loading of carried cargo
  • Faulty vehicle maintenance
  • Defective vehicle components

Avoiding a Road Trip Accident

While we hope that all drivers are taking the same precautions, and the presence of police force increases safety precautions, as a driver you can individually take certain steps to ensure safe travel on the roads.

  1. Be alert and plan ahead for weather conditions
    • Make sure that you have proper and working tires, windshield wipers and lights to manage any disastrous conditions such as heavy rain and low/dark visibility.
    • If you are aware of any weather conditions that may impair driving, be sure to reconsider departure times or reroute your trip for optimal safety.
  2. Pay close attention to other drivers and those who share the road with you
    • As you enter more remote areas, roads and small highways are often shared with pedestrians (from bicyclists, hikers, or those merely going for a walk with the dog)
    • Motorcyclists increase their presence on the roads as temperatures increase and driving conditions get better throughout the province
    • You may encounter off-road motorized vehicles of all sizes, from tractors, ATVs, dirt bikes, to small motorized scooters
  3. Taking advantage of all safety equipment
    • The easiest step you can take to driving safely is wearing your seat belt
    • Make sure that all air bags are working
    • If you are driving a motorcycle, be sure to wear a helmet and any protective gear that can prevent serious injuries from skidding or crushing your feat.
    • It is always wise to keep an emergency kit in your car with a first aid kid, emergency roadside markers, safety vests, and extra food. You never know if and where you’ll get stuck.

All of these safety measures have and can save a life and prevent minor to major injuries.

Hiring a Long Term Disability Lawyer

Going on a road-trip-trip is one of the most accessible and fun ways to enjoy the warm summer temperatures and the plethora of activities that Ontario’s cities, towns and country has to offer. Whether be a day trip, an extended camping trip, or a long haul drive, roads and highways become the main artery to vacation access throughout the province and are utilized by thousands of people a day.

If you have been involved in an accident that has taken place on the road, or have succumb to major injuries after experiencing one of the following, be sure to speak with a personal injury lawyer / disability insurance lawyer as soon as possible:

  • Car Accident
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • RV Accident
  • ATV Accident
  • Truck Accident
  • Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Bicycle Accident
  • Pedestrian Accident

TSF Law has represented many clients who have been injured or have had loved ones injured in traffic accidents throughout Ontario. Our team of attorneys and administrative staff are well equipped to represent and bring full benefits to those in need. With a full understanding of your legal rights and a team that works quickly and efficiently, the road of recovery is paved with trust and high esteemed results as you are represented by one of Ontario’s best car accident attorneys.