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Ontario Injury Data 2018

According to The Cost of Injury in Canada (2015), injuries have posed a $8.8 billion dollar cost to the province. The data displayed here outlines unintentional injuries which have been deemed as being preventable, as per the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Center and the review of their report’s results for the 2014 and 2016 fiscal … Read more

Car Insurance Claims: Top Things To Keep In Mind

The insurance claims process can become convoluted and overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with a medical crisis and/or surviving a traumatic event. It is important that you know the best things to do and pursue when filing a car insurance claim. By following these steps, you are ensuring a smooth navigation through the disability … Read more

Car Insurance Claims: What NOT to Do

When facing a medical illness or injury, it is common to feel overwhelmed and flustered, especially when having to deal with the necessary paperwork and deadlines required by an insurance company. Filing a disability claim means you will be able to access benefits that can aid in the healing process, as well as provide financial … Read more

Rideshare Accidents: 101

Ridesharing is a popular service that has been operating across Ontario since 2014. Companies include: Uber Lyft InstaRyde Facedrive ecoRIDES DriverHER RideCo Uride Many people rely on these services to get to places when time is of essence, to and from special events, as a safe means of transport when one has been drinking or … Read more

Road Trip Accidents

Ontario is full of major and minor highways that allow you to explore the province’s cities and towns, as well enable thousands of people to access the many parks and conservations. Roads become busy during peak rush hours up to cottage country, or in areas holding special events and festivals. While many Canadians enjoy the … Read more

Insurance Claims & Long Term Disability Claims: Car Accidents

Insurance benefits are important because they assist with your finances and therapy costs, costs of caring in-hospital and at-home, and other needs while in-hospital and at-home. There are also additional benefits that may be available including: Services of a case manager Lost education expenses Non-earner benefits Dependent care benefits Damage to clothing expenses In fatality cases, … Read more