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Avoid Mental Illness and Workplace Short Term Disability

Overwhelmed. Nervous. Exhausted. Agitated. Pained. All at once. Yep, if you’re like, well, pretty much every worker ever, you know what we’re talking about: stress. No matter your job, work stress is like the zero on a roulette wheel: it’s coming around eventually. The Biggies: Sleep, Eat right, Exercise Yes, you’ve heard these all before. … Read more

How useful are Mental Disability Lawyers?

Statistics from the Mental Health Commission of Canada show that mental illness accounts for 70 percent of disability costs in the work place. One in every five Canadians will experience mental disability at some point in their life and one third of both long term and short term disability claims are related to mental health … Read more

Disability Claim Attorney

If it appears that your condition will persist for over 120 days, it is advisable to apply for a long term disability claim early. You may suffer long term or short term disability as a result of an accident or even by reason of disabling medical conditions. One thing that you must know is that … Read more

Getting the Right Employment Disability Lawyer

Choosing the Right Employment Disability Lawyer To increase your chances of getting the best employment disability lawyer, we recommend that you follow these three steps: Get a referral from a trusted friend or source for the first option Search on a law directory or association to get the second option Conduct an online search to … Read more