Manulife: Mental Health

Manulife offers long-term disability and short-term disability coverage for mental health illness or injury, and has prided themselves as being one of the leading health insurance providers who support mental health in the workplace, fostering companies in their pursuits to creating a mentally health conscious work environment for their employees.

In 2017, Manulife was applauded by the Canadian Psychological Associations (CPA) for making “mental health care accessible to all employees”. In January of last year, Manulife Canada increased its insurance coverage of mental health services to $10,000/year for all employees and their families. As per the CPA, mental illness costs the Canadian economy $51 billion every year, with $20 billion borne by the workplace due to lost productivity and absenteeism. These costs can be reduced and covered substantially if employers provide workplace mental illness prevention, as well as offer early identification and timely treatment and coverage.

According to Manulife Insurance, people in their early and “prime” working years are among the hardest hit by mental health issues across Canada. This is most likely due to our societies’ growing favouritism towards stress addiction in the workplace (we are rewarded for working over-time, carrying out tasks not outlined in our terms of employment, neglect signs of stress, exhaustion and hunger to get the job done, etc.). Unfortunately this mentality has aided to 500,000 Canadians missing work, just this week!

The CPA indicates that it takes approximately 10-20 psychotherapy sessions to properly address common mental health issues. Manulife’s employee mental health benefit, according tot he CPA, is among “Canada’s premiere corporate insurance plans that will cover the full number of sessions needed.” Manulife further has increased the number of benefit options for employers seeking mental health benefits, and offers mental health workplace solutionsonline for employees.

This all being said, Manulife insurance continues to WRONGFULLY deny mental health claims, for both short term disability and long term disability mental health claims. TSF Law has represented and successfully sued Manulife Insurance for denying mental health disability claims, and we continue to want to represent anyone who is struggling with a denied short term disability mental health claim, long term disability mental health claim, or permanent disability mental health claim; TSF Law is always there for you and we strive to be a legal force for the rights of those suffering from mental health issues. No stigma, no further pain and anguish

Manulife Short-Term Disability (STD): Mental Health

If you are suffering from a mental health issue, it is very important you take the time to properly asses and address the issue at hand, before it becomes more debilitating. Mental health issues manifest in different ways, according to Mental Health Works Canada, and can impair your ability to work:

  • inability to start, focus or meet deadlines for projects and tasks
  • obsession with details or feeling of detachment from reality at work
  • constant worrying regarding your lack of productivity, an increase in feeling guilty and obsessing about such with regards to letting your team down
  • feeling overwhelmed, guilty, frightened, pressured, and notice a decrease in your self-confidence in the workplace
  • are irritable with colleagues, and feel like you are constantly being ganged up on
  • you wish to have time off, but you have used your sick days, and applying for short term of long term disability benefits overwhelms you
  • you are concerned about losing your income if you go on disability
  • you are worried about losing your job because you are experiencing symptoms of a mental illness

If you are experiencing any of the above, you are at risk for a mental health illness. This does not mean you are weak, it means you are dealing with a mental health issue. Getting help as soon as possible and understanding that you are not alone in dealing with this issue is very important. Seeking short-term disability benefits is pivotal in early prevention of severe mental health issues. You should feel comfortable in asking your manager for help, you should have people at work who can listen to your concerns and provide ongoing support. Accessing short-term disability benefits allows you to be covered for the therapy sessions you need, organizational support, and eventual planning to return to work.

If you have had your Manulife short-term disability claim denied, when seeking benefits for mental health support, contact a disability insurance lawyer immediately. Do not be bullied into denying yourself the benefits you are entitled to, do not comply with a denied insurance claim. Partnering with TSF Law will give you the legal voice and strength to stand up against your denied claim and gain the benefits you need to recover from your mental health issue.

Manulife STD: Depression

According to Manulife, 78% of Canadians are living with depression and are concerned they will lose their job because of it, either due to it’s symptoms, or due to them bringing their issues to light and seeking help to manage their symptoms.

Manulife Long Term Disability (LTD): Mental Health

Long-Term disability for mental health, which is seen as an “invisible” disability, can be a more difficult claim to pursue. Before filing a long-term disability claim with Manulife, for mental health reasons, be sure to have a full understanding of your legal rights. Take into account the Canadian disability laws, your Provincial/Municipal support programs, along with personal information, such as your work history, medical history, and how your mental health condition effects your work.

It is very important that you feel confident when filing your long term disability claim with Manulife, and have every possible medical document and research to support your mental health claim. TSF Law understands that filing a claim or applying for disability itself can cause anxiety and worry. You need to understand that if you are suffering from a mental health illness or injury that is prohibiting you from carrying out your employment duties, and has done so for more than 4 months, you are entitled to disability leave. It is your right to put your mental health first, have access to to proper socio-economic support, and plan to get better.

Manulife: PTSD Claim

There are five major types of anxiety disorders that are often seen on Manulife Mental Health claims:
1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder
..* unrealistic/excessive worrying with apprehensive expectations about life, resulting in difficult in attention and concentration to both social and occupational functioning
2. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
..* continuous unwanted or disturbing thoughts, images or urges that intrude on your daily activity, resulting in anxiety or discomfort which reduces your social and occupational engagement, and increases compulsions such as certain behaviours or mental acts that you engage in to reduce one’s symptoms
3. Panic Disorder
..* reoccurring and unexpected panic attacks (periods of intense fear that may result in such physical manifestations such as shaking, sweating, shortness of breath, light-handedness, numbness, feeling that something bad is going to happen.
4. Phobias
..* a persistent fear of an object or situation, resulting often in a rapid onset of fear. Phobias are often diagnosed after being present for more than six months.
5. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
..* persistent and emotional stress which is reoccurring as a result of a severe injury or psychological shock, typical disturbing sleep, inducing disassociation through vivid recall of the experience, and suffering from dulled responses to external outside forces such as other people, responsibilities you have a citizen, etc.

If you have submitted a Manulife disability claim for PTSD, contact a long-term disability attorney ASAP. Dealing with a severe mental health disability, such as PTSD, is costly, and it is your insurance companies duty to face the losses on disability policies, not the one suffering and paying into disability benefits which are now being denied. Manulife Insurance may ignore the law in avoidance to pay on a mental health disability policy – they are in the wrong and should not get away with this. If you are facing a denied mental health disability claim from Manulife Insurance, if you feel that Manulife insurance is acting in bad faith , contact TSF Law to receive the insurance benefits you need. Avoid further stress and trauma from dealing with a bully of an insurance company.

What Happens After a Denied Claim?

The most common mental health Manulife claims are for anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, grief and substance use disorder. Manulife insurance does have to cover, when sufficient documentation is provided, mental health benefits to anyone suffering from:

  • Affective Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Autism & Related Disorders
  • Mental Retardation
  • Organic Mental Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Schizophrenia, Paranoia & Psychotic Disorders
  • Somatoform Disorders
  • Substance Addiction

If you have submitted a Manulife Mental Health disability claim, whether be for STD, LTD or permanent disability, then you are claiming that you are unable to carry out any employment duties due to managing to heal/struggling from a mental health illness or injury. These claims are to be taken as seriously as a physical injury or illness, and should not be subjected to any prejudice or stigma.

It is important that once you receive notice that you claim has been denied, you understand fully why your claim has been denied, and what the offered appeal process is.

If Manulife insurance has failed in providing you with information as to why your mental health claim has been denied, contact your Manulife contact immediately. If Manulife insurance refuses to provide you with this sufficient information, at your request, contact a long term disability attorney as soon as possible.

We understand that an insurance company’s biased and overall discriminatory conduct can cause severe hardship, all of which is completely unnecessary. TSF Law are the #1 long term disability Manulife legal team who is equipped with a knowledgeable and strong staff that will fight for your rights, and be your voice when dealing with a denied Manulife mental health claim.

It is not okay, under any circumstance, to feel bullied by your insurance company or employer when dealing with a mental health claim. If your employer is threatening your employment, if Manulife Insurance is bullying you into accepting a denied mental health claim, contact TSF Law today; we work on a contingency fee basis and will be a huge legal asset in getting your full benefit coverage.