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AIG Insurance Cut My Benefits: What To Do?

Whether you’re one of the unfortunate souls whom AIG insurance stopped long term disability payments, or have had a denied disability insurance AIG claim, worry not. Even if you have received an official letter as notice to their recent action to deny or stop benefits, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it. In … Read more

What to Do If Fairfax Denied My Claim

Road accidents are some of the most common scenarios people buy insurance for. There may be a lot of damages involved, including a life. If you have your own car insurance and have been in a car accident recently, the first thing that comes to mind is to file a claim to your insurance provider. … Read more

Insurance Claims & Long Term Disability Claims: Car Accidents

Insurance benefits are important because they assist with your finances and therapy costs, costs of caring in-hospital and at-home, and other needs while in-hospital and at-home. There are also additional benefits that may be available including: Services of a case manager Lost education expenses Non-earner benefits Dependent care benefits Damage to clothing expenses In fatality cases, … Read more