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Mining Injury & Mining Accidents: 101

The mining sector has many vulnerabilities to workplace injury and accidents. Mining injuries can lead to short-term disability and long-term disability, including wrongful death. It is important to seek legal advice if you or a loved one have a mining injury, are a victim of a mining accident, or are dealing with a mining insurance … Read more

Workplace Violence: Warning Signs & Risk Factors

Workplace violence and harassment is far more prevalent in certain fields such as correction and public health care. That being said, workplace violence and workplace harassment can appear in any work environment. To find out what is workplace violence, read our introductory article,here. It is up to the employer and those managing the workplace to … Read more

Ontario Injury Data 2018

According to The Cost of Injury in Canada (2015), injuries have posed a $8.8 billion dollar cost to the province. The data displayed here outlines unintentional injuries which have been deemed as being preventable, as per the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Center and the review of their report’s results for the 2014 and 2016 fiscal … Read more

Eyesight Disability: 101

The most severe visual problems one can encounter are the loss of vision and blindness. Experiencing either can be an after effect of an injury or illness, and has an everlasting impact on one’s life. Having a sensory change can be debilitating. In this article we will outline eyesight disabilities and benefits one is entitled … Read more

Car Insurance Claims: Top Things To Keep In Mind

The insurance claims process can become convoluted and overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with a medical crisis and/or surviving a traumatic event. It is important that you know the best things to do and pursue when filing a car insurance claim. By following these steps, you are ensuring a smooth navigation through the disability … Read more

Car Insurance Claims: What NOT to Do

When facing a medical illness or injury, it is common to feel overwhelmed and flustered, especially when having to deal with the necessary paperwork and deadlines required by an insurance company. Filing a disability claim means you will be able to access benefits that can aid in the healing process, as well as provide financial … Read more

Great-West Life Appeal Process

If you are receiving healthcare benefits from Great-West Life (GWL), through your employer, then you are able to file a long-term disability claim to receive paid leave and financial support for the time you are recovering from an illness or injury. Unfortunately, many employees are faced with rejected disability claims when seeking coverage in these … Read more

Great West Life & Long-Term Disability

Employers often provide group benefits to their employees as an incentive for working with their company, as well as to guarantee that there is a financial support when a worker is unable to carry out their work duties. There are more than thirty different insurance companies that offer their services to Canadians and group benefits … Read more

Dog Attack Lawyers & Dog Bite Injuries

Dog attacks account for 90% of all animal bites reported; they happen far more often than owners and enthusiasts would like to acknowledge. Most dog attacks occur in parks or on the street where dogs are off leach, or on private property where the dog is roaming around freely. In some cases, the dogs may … Read more

Migraines & Disability

Around 4 million people suffer from migraines across Canada, and nearly all have had an instance where they are unable to attend to their employment or school duties, let alone their day to day needs. Unfortunately there is no known cure for migraines, while the triggers for such are commonly recognized. Whether be induced by … Read more