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Eyesight Disability: Accommodations at Work

When an individual is dealing with a vision related disability, it often requires a period of adjustment for both them and their workplace. Most people who are dealing with slow vision loss insist on working until their disease progresses to a certain stage where they are deemed to have gone completely blind, or absolutely cannot … Read more

Migraines & Disability

Around 4 million people suffer from migraines across Canada, and nearly all have had an instance where they are unable to attend to their employment or school duties, let alone their day to day needs. Unfortunately there is no known cure for migraines, while the triggers for such are commonly recognized. Whether be induced by … Read more

Electric Shocks and Burns

While Canadian statistics show a decrease in electrical fatalities across the provinces, there has been an increase in non-fatal electric shock and electric burn related injuries both in and out of the workplace. Those who suffer most from electrical shock are construction workers and those who work as building handyman’s and superintendents. Electrical shock injuries … Read more

Bicycle Accidents

Since January, 2018, bicycles deaths have skyrocketed in Toronto. Road safety has been jeopardized by an influx of cars and reckless driving that has increased on our streets. Even the Mayor has taken note to the increase in cyclist deaths in the city, and road safety has been bumped up on the agenda for city … Read more

Festival & Outdoor Event Injuries

During the summer months, there are hundreds of outdoor gatherings hosted throughout Ontario. Whether be in large cities, or in the country side, festivals and outdoor concerts attract hundreds of thousands of attendees every year (excluding those staffed at these events). While many enjoy great food, music and entertainment at these outings, these events are … Read more

WSIB: Denied Claims Process

WSIB stands for “Workplace Safety & Insurance Board”. Most businesses in Ontario are mandated to register with the WSIB within 10 days of hiring their first employee ( a worker, whether be full-time or part-time). If your employer is covered by WSIB, and you have endured an injury or illness as a result of your … Read more

Dirty Tactics Used by Insurance Companies

As a seasoned short-term disability, long-term disability and worker’s compensation firm, TSF Law has seen a plethora of bullying tactics and means of intimidation used by insurance companies to: Deny submitted claims and legally obligated coverage Have clients withdraw insurance claim appeals Block worker’s compensation complaints Deny full payouts of claims Coerce claimants to settle … Read more