Long Term Disability Policy – How does it help me at work?

A long term disability insurance policy should come with a group benefits plan at your company – if you’ve been offered coverage. Your company should provide a disability policy statement, a long term disability policy & procedure, and a leave policy under certain circumstances.
As an aside, if you have purchased a policy on your own such as Cigna long term disability policy (see https://www.cigna.com/appeals-and-grievances) you should get to know your concerns and the intimacies of the statement. Most of the time, individuals will not have other companies support their statements in case of a claim and you will have to do the legwork in case your policy will be activated to supply you with benefits.

Long Term Disability Leave Policy

Canadian employers should all have sick leave policies that come into effect when:

  • An employee needs to recover from sudden illness
  • An employee has sustained an accident or injury
  • An employee needs to receive mental or psychological care or counseling

The length of your long term disability is going to effect when your company will require you to return to work. In most cases, a doctor’s note and sufficient medical records can override a call back to work. Your long term disability policy should start to provide you with basic income and benefits at this point. If your company long term disability policy discriminates against you in this regard, your rights under the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 should be invoked. We advise you to speak to a lawyer immediately.
If you are a new employee, it is recommended to get affiliated with a company long term disability policy, such that you can invoke it when you are in need of support. Your long term disability insurance will be worth it when you can claim benefits such that you do not have to strain yourself.

Length of long term disability

It is hard to pinpoint how long a long term disability can be sustained. In some cases, injuries will be permanent – at which point the individual will have to make drastic changes to their lifestyle. Your long disability insurance policy will come into effect at this point. If you have any questions about coverage, you should call your insurance company. Their contract with you will ensure details are covered. Given the many options you have with your policies, you should become affiliated with the one that has best suited you – the one you hopefully chose at the onset.

Denial of Disability & Appealed Long Term Disability Coverage

In some cases, your disability may be denied outright. In effect, the company is not servicing you in a time of need, which can be held against them in court. If you feel that your welfare has not been taken into consideration, contact a long term disability lawyer to aid you. We can ensure your long term disability insurance policy is attended to in your time of need.

Understanding the long term disability policy with a lawyer’s help

Company long term disability policies can be problematic because of the intense legalese. Some companies will provide their lawyer’s services to you for explaining. We recommend that if you feel the company is in the wrong and denying benefits payments to you, or holding payments back, that you retain us to help liaise with the in-house lawyer or insurance agent. Strictly speaking, lawyers and large companies can be very intimidating. However, you can easily get help understanding the content by asking a disability policy lawyer to explain.

Two Things That Affect Your Toronto Disability Claim

  • The type of policy you possess is the number one cause for most claim denials. It can have a lot of loopholes your insurance company can take advantage of. For instance, you might possess a disability caused by any member of your family. And that family member happens to be under the same policy too. This might deem you unqualified since the insurance company can claim that you have arranged the entire event in order to get the payout. Since both of you benefit from the disability, it becomes quite questionable.
    Most of the time, it is less complicated than the above example. It might just be that your illness is not listed in the accepted conditions. Your coverage might just be limited to a certain degree, or something similar. In order to logically prove that you are qualified, you need a lot of expert opinion and evidence. A disability claim lawyer can assist you with finding the most compelling evidence to prove your point to the judge and jury.

  • The practice of denying claims is not as complicated as they make it sound in their denial letters. If you are a novice to many of the terms, you will find yourself very convince that you don’t have a chance to put up a fight. However, this is not usually the case. If you get an insurance claims lawyer (Toronto) to explain the contents of the letter, you might just realize you have been unreasonably denied. In order to counter this, the best way is to file an appeal against them. Chances are, they have also prepared their own set of disability lawyers in Toronto to accept your challenge.