Steps To Apply for Disability Benefits in Canada

If you are planning to apply for disability benefits, you’ve come to the right place. Today, it is much easier to apply for benefits because the transaction can be done online. Before anything else, you need to determine whether you qualify or not.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability can be granted to someone with any or all of these:

  1. The condition is considered severe under medical context.
  2. The condition prevents the person from being able to work or perform the duties required of him by his employer.
  3. The condition prevents the person to perform any action that can be considered substantially gainful.
  4. The person has rendered service for at least twelve months, or has an employment contract predicted to last a minimum of twelve months.
    It should be noted that an affected employee does not have to wait for twelve months to disability apply for benefits. It will be decided by the SSA whether you are eligible given the conditions you are in.

How Do I Apply for Disability?

First, you need to go to the social security website. This is where you apply for disability benefits online. You will find an Adult Disability Checklist which contains a detailed list of information you will need in order to complete your application and where to apply for disability benefits.
Second, secure a copy of the Disability Benefit Application form and make sure you fill out all the fields properly.
Third, fill out a medical release form to officially hand over your medical records to the administrating officer who will be in charge of your application.

Information to Secure

In order to complete the application accurately, you need to have all the information ready. After you figure out the steps on how to apply for disability benefits, make sure you have the following data in official written form.

  • Personal Information
    Since you are the beneficiary, you need to have identification documents. This will also be needed when you apply for disability benefits for a child. Information may include your name, place of birth, Social Security number, current address, birthplace, status, children’s information and bank details.

  • Medical Information
    Disability benefits rely greatly on your medical condition. Apart from the typical medical records from your physician and hospital, you also might need to provide contact information of people who can attest to your condition. Make sure you have a detailed description of all your illnesses, a list of hospitalization and consultation dates, and other related information. This may include the medications you are taking, who prescribed them and for what illness they are for.

  • Work Information
    This is important if your insurance is provided by the company. You provide a copy of your employment contract, a record of your earnings in the most previous years, employer information, Social Security Statement, and possibly a work history complete with contact information of past employers.

Documents to Submit

How to apply disability benefits Ontario is the same in any other province if you submit legal documents. Basically, all valid legal documents that show all the information mentioned above will be required. Refer to the checklist in the website and make sure you secure all of them. If one is not available, see the alternatives.

Proper Submission

Mailing documents to the Social Security Office must include your Social Security number. This is so they can be matched with the corresponding application upon receipt. Since your application is done online, it will arrive much earlier. Once your documents arrive in the office, the officers will have to backtrack days to look for your application record. The number makes it easier.
There are many advantages to online application. Apart from the convenience, it is a lot faster. Administrators also check applications quickly because files can be matched through one search. For applicants, you can save a draft of your application if ever you are unsure of the information and need to confirm it. Once you come back, you don’t have to fill out from scratch.

Important Reminders

It is crucial that you fill out the forms correctly and clearly. Make sure that there is no room for a denial due to lack of documents or misrepresentation. If you ever get denied, you can ask disability lawyers Ontario for help. In the neighbouring province, you can seek assistance from disability lawyers Toronto. Just comply with the process and wait patiently for a response.
If you ever reach a point wherein you need to make an appeal for a denial, get a good lawyer to help. A legal representative is the best way to get the case filing organized and according to standards. Handling things personally will only cause a lot of confusion so ask a lawyer to skillfully guide you through the case period. Once a verdict is reached, you can then accept the outcome since you know you’ve done your best to try to win the case.

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